From the Road

I don’t have my normal text editor so i am guessing this will be a short one, but i wanted to try and post even while away from home. As some of you know i am in Denver, CO for Drupal Con. Wish i could say i have learned a lot and that i had the come to Jesus moment with Drupal but i haven’t. Not yet at least.

But this is a DDo blog so let me say traveling and playing can suck if you are not used to playing on a laptop. And i am not. At home i have two screens the smallest is 22″. So going to a 17″ laptop screen is fairly hard. To make everything fit i have to move things alot. I normally play with 10-13 bars on the screen. With my dice and health in places that i can see them as well as what is going on. That is just where my eyes look for them. Well they are gone. So watching my health is an issue.

I also have a gaming key board one with a special section of the board with the wasd keys where they make sense as arrow keys and surrounded by the number keys and other common quick keys. Trying to play with a “normal” laptop key board is a challenge now that i am used to my other key board.

But at least i am able to log on and do some playing, i am a huge DDo addict. I play at least 30 mins a day. Most days an hour or two is normal. So not having to go cold turkey is hard.

Any way i was able to help the wife do Von 1 elite with my fighter. I am afraid that Samius has too many buttons to hit to be helpful while i am gone. So the much easier fighter is the current call.

As for epic night?? I don’t think i would be super helpful. But i am willing to try some 🙂

Wish me luck, both in game and here at the con. Oh and traveling home wouldn’t be a bad time for some good vibrations.


2 thoughts on “From the Road

  1. As one who has spent many a night DDO-ing in hotel rooms, I feel your pain. You’ve already figured out that some of your characters are probably not appropriate. I also had to turn down graphics, and even so, some quests were just too difficult to enjoy on the lesser PC.

  2. As someone who gets most of his DDO playtime in while traveling for work, I have no problems switching between my large monitor at home and my 17in laptop monitor. All I have to do readjust my hotbars on the laptop so that they are not overlapping. And then move them back closer when I get home.

    I guess I may be fortunate here for a couple of reasons:
    1)great gaming laptop, much better computer than my desktop
    2) I learned to play the game using a regular keyboard

    Though I am trying to learn to use a Razor Nostromo gMing keypad, especially the thumb directional keypad, which is oriented about 35degrees to the right from “up is straight ahead”

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