A Reply for Nyxianne

I will be traveling on Monday and I can’t promise a post so I am posting one for Monday today.

Nyxianne had a good my.ddo post today Link. And I am going to address the some of these issues from my point of view. It gives me a post and room for a longer comment.

Note: Any use of the word you s below are not meant at you personalty but people in my group.

This is how I play. If you want something you take care of it your own self or you will ask. Not type h in the chat for a haste, manors cost nothing and only take a sec. I will not use my Sp on people that don’t ask. If you don’t have a mic you can type Gh, rage, etc… plz in the party chat but I am not a mind reader.

If you take off then you have everything you need. I haste on me when I need it. You can watch your buff bar well enough to type “h” two seconds after is wears out, you can damn well find me a few secs before hand. Your welcome to say something like on my way back for a haste or whatnot before it expires and I will wait for you. Communication is a good thing, try it.

Now why is that when all through the lower levels you got buffs with no issues or questions?

I expect them to know what buffs they need once they start to get a few levels on them. Starting as low as level 4 now people can have permanent blur from an item. Do you? I don’t know. If you don’t ask for one I assume yes. If not then we are both asses, me for assuming you do and you for not asking me for that buff. Same for any possible Ship buffs (although I can see those if I examined you).

Also I can’t speak for others but a large amount of my time is played with a small group of people. We all know how each other play and what areas we cover each other. Being a smaller group also makes us not want to be a drag on each other. So often we cover our own buffs and heals so no one else needs to. It can be tough on the odd man out that is not used to how we play. I am thinking about Phlor and how he is handling adapting as to how we play with his long ddo break taking him out of practice.

Speaking of being out of practice; right now Tobril has to be feeling the pain of the TR train doing our own thing. He wants to be that haste-buff-CC caster this life, but we are off as soon as we zone in to a quest. Last night he and I joked about how he was going to haste me even if he had to start drinking pots to cast it on me.

On the flip side there are a few buffs that get thrown with no issues, Okay Mass DW/Pro/SR and …. Oh as I said above hastes on me. That is about it. Other wise chime up.

Now if you ask, not demand. I have no issues buffing you. But you should always work on becoming more self reliant.

4 thoughts on “A Reply for Nyxianne

  1. I appreciate you mentioning my toon and recognizing I have zero gear. But I will hit you up with some plat to buy me some heal pots.

  2. Admittedly I am a horrible buffer. I listen to music while I play usually unless I’m in a raid with people that I like…so I rarely hear people saying “Raspberry, can we get a…” or asking for a buff of another. Sometimes you have to ask multiple times or ask on mic, then type it out and hope that I’m not totally rocking out.

    However, if you’re rude about it, you can expect a snarky “Being rude means NO BUFFS FOR YOU!” Then I’ll wait for you to either be nice enough to ask nicely…or I’ll go back to jamming out with my air drums.

  3. This entire game is about playing with like minded people. 6 zergers who run off the minute they get into the quest caring less about buffs because they know they can handle the instance = win. 6 crawlers who wait at the entrance for everyone to be raid buffed before all moving ahead as a group = win. 3 zergers, 2 crawlers, and a shrplz noob in the same quest = hilarity ensues. Many people would be surprised by how many of these crazy issues go away when they play with like minded players. The whole buff issue that has been dragged through multiple threads on the forums is no exception.

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