My Night Off in 3BC

Last night when I got home Torrance was logged in and playing. I think to myself “Alright a good night for xp.” And start changing into my after hours, “I don’t need no stinking pants”, lets get comfortable shorts and Iron Man tee! In the 90 seconds it took for me to change and walk back in to the computer/main living room. She had logged. Turned off the lights. Crawled under a blanket and said she wanted to watch a show….

So I fire up Nexflix on my right screen, while starting DDO on my left. I solo a few quests with my fighter as we watch the first ep of enterprise where Brent Spiner guest stared. Side note: Enterprise is my favorite Star Trek. It had everything in my opinion. And it is cold in space! A lot. 🙂

Anyway, I will admit I assumed that she would watch a show and get fired up for xp.

So once Fopo logged on, I swapped to Samius and we started looking for xp. But not too much xp. I don’t want to pull to far ahead of her after all. So looking at the 5-6s as we are level 7, want to keep that elite streak running, and end up in three barrel cove.

Mean while that first episode ended, and I started the next one. 10 mins into it I hear Torr begin to snore. Nice. 🙂 I knew she was still not 100% back from being sick last week but I didn’t think she was “fall asleep at six sick” as I had to go to bed with out her the last few nights as her internal clock doesn’t adjust to the time change well and she was not ‘ready’ for bed at bed time.

Anyway Fo and I end up doing all of 3BC minus the fire caves and I have to say while the quests are fun to do the xp is just not there even with the streak and the tome.

Now when I am in that “Just enjoy the game” mood I can take 500 a min xp and be happy. As most of the joy comes from playing the game not seeing the xp bar jump up. When I want to see the bar move, watch out. But we zerged last night, sure I was half watching a show but we hauled ass doing the quests. Ghost of a Chance is the only one close to 1k a min. The rest even at full zerg are in the 300-400 a min range. And that is just sad.

I hope xp in some of these often skipped places will be looked at soon. I know 3BC has a lot of issues. No named loot, poor xp, no fast travel options like in tangle root. But the area also has so much going for it. Good story lines as well as different and fun quests. Lets hope that some dev will feel like doing a touch up soon.

2 thoughts on “My Night Off in 3BC

  1. I don’t generally go looking for XP, but I skip 3BC and Sorrowdusk with every new toon without fail.
    I didn’t like 3BC much and one of the quests downright infuriated my solo self 🙂 and Sorrowdusk was a snoozefest and annoying in one breath (all the walking and the bridge traps ugh).

    There’s just not much reason to go back…

  2. I used to play like that. I really enjoyed completing all of the quests and score as much xp as I could but most of all it was fun just to hang with a group of friends while doing it.

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