What is the Deal?

I have a few topics today I want to talk about, But I am not sure if they are deep enough to expand into a full on post. So I will do my scatter shot topic post again today….

If you saw some thing like this in the trade channel what would you do?
Trading 3 red scales (linked) need 5 L scales, 3 L Stones and 2 L Arrowheads. Send tell.

Me? I sent a tell with an offer. I have 1 scale, lots of everything else. I said I could do 1 scale and everything else he needed.

He comes back with that is not good enough. No big deal, I am good with him having a price in mind but I just didn’t have any more scales. So I wished him luck and I was over it.

He however begins to send me tells as reds are worth 800K and scales are worth 200K and stone are 150k. So I was trying to low ball him. And so on and so on.

Until I finally had to stop doing what I was doing, leaving the wife to clean up the quest we were in btw to send him a follow up tell that more or less was: Hey, I think your a lot high on your prices. There is nothing wrong with that, but I said you were to high for me and I wished you luck. Drop it before you get reported. Thankfully that seamed to work.

I watched him spam the trade channel for the next 3 days. Maybe my offer wasn’t as low as he thought.

Is Baby Galactus eating our sun? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ev8JGqDO8nk I watched it and a few other videos that popped up while checking it out. My gut says this is it how the end will come. Black balls all over our sun.

With the epic scrolls not dropping in anything but the new content we (Defense Guild that wanted to Epic) spent Epic Tuesday in the Challenges. In about an hour to hour and a half, we had gathered enough ingredients I could get 5-6 tokens. Not bad for a non spaming EDA night.

Comic Book Men and Full Metal Jousting, I am really enjoying these shows a lot. FmJ is cram-packed with lots of action. And it feels more real and less scripted then most realty shows, mostly due to brilliant editing. I am drawn to CBM because I am a fan of Tell’m Steve Dave, one of the many great podcasts on Smodcast.com. But I really like the look and feel of the stash. And seeing some of the things coming in I can see my living room getting a bit of a make over in that nerd comic book sheik.

Okay that is enough for one post.

4 thoughts on “What is the Deal?

  1. Item worth…

    The important thing to remember about trying to sell anything, is that it is really only worth what you are able to get for it.

    If something is supposed to be worth a million dollars, and you can’t get or find anyone willing to pay you a million dollars for it it is not worth a million dollars. If you could find somwine willing to pay you half a million, then it is worth half a million, not 1 million.

    His loss, not yours. I would have reported him for harassment.

  2. Harassment? Were his tells really that harassing? I clicked Comment to respond to Samius to say “Hey, easy on the itchy reporting trigger finger, there!” only to see Steiner was also thinking “Report! Report!”

    Some people are /telly. The way this reads, it sounds like he was one of those /telly guys, and he was merely trying to give you his justifications for holding out. *shrug*

    Now, if he was being ugly about it in tells, berating and calling you names and poo, that might have warranted a threat to report.

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