Leveling Styles

We all have our own leveling style. This weekend I saw some totally valid styles clash. A lot. 🙂

Torrance and Fopo are a clean the dungeon out people. They enjoy playing even if it takes a little longer and the bonus xp for the time is worth it to them.

Tobril on the other hand is xp per min guy. He would rather invis to the end an nab the largest amount of xp he can for the least amount of effort. Even if it means that he has to run the quest again to get the same xp as the first team.

I am a lot more flexible. I can do the Xp per min thing (and I do it often) but I also like clearing out a quest and swimming in the huge payoffs that having all the bonuses brings. To me it is a quest by quest and mod factor thing. I also can be in the mood to just grind explorers/slayers.

So this weekend (maybe Friday? ) we had everyone on line and ready to go. We had a few clashes of play styles while we did Splinter Skull stuff in Tangelroot. The first was Tobril invised and took off and the rest of us started chopping our way through. In a later run I had gotten 2 of the 4 traps before the quest completed. 😦 And after that, I called out that I was hitting the traps, Fopo called out that he was shrining, Torrance also said she was shrining also but she didn’t have her head set on. And Tobril took off and opened up that slightly harder fight then he could handle alone. But he didn’t realized that he was alone until about the middle of the fight.

But I have to say that it was good times. Adjusting your play style to group with your friends is just part of the deal.

Some XP highlights for the weekend: 25 mins for Proof in the Poison for 20kish, 15 mins for 14K in A Small problem, 15 mins for 25k in Bloody Crypt. 30 mins for 35k in STK.

Streak + the big first time bonus + a tome of learning + xp pot (optional) + optional inquest bonuses = big numbers and good times.

8 thoughts on “Leveling Styles

  1. Tobril’s style is not wrong, just not how we do things when it is the three of us.

    When I am solo or playing with him, I/we are good doing that more of a zerg off and damn the red alert!

  2. I personally think that the ‘XP per minute’ crowd actually loses a good deal of the enjoyment of the game. They are never around long enough to ‘smell the roses.’

  3. Dude I totally agree with it depending on the quest, also with all the bonuses added lately for first time elite I think its best if possible to do a full out every ransack, hidden door, etc bonus you can because your multiplying a bigger number. After that when you run hard/norm tobril’s way totally wins.

  4. I sort of have a flexible “10-minute rule”: If it takes more than ten extra minutes to do it, then it really needs to be worth it xp-wise for me to do it. Unless it’s awesome, or gives me another chest, then I’ll add 10-minutes to the rule…

  5. Brick, you might have missed what Sam meant/stated. We often have no deaths, actually, we take deaths personally. We rarely take more that an extra couple minutes to max out the xp. The situation Sam described was that Tobril missed that we stated what we were doing and went ahead on his Wiz without us which resulted in a death. As Sam said above, Tobril’s style is not bad and actually, when I solo, somewhat similar to how I do quests. But the extra 15% xp for an extra 2 minutes and no deaths make it worth the 2 minutes. Instead of having to spend another 5 minutes to run the quest again.

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