Proof Is In the Xp!

While I was ill I worked on my freshly TRed would be tank. So far the only quests I have skipped doing on elite streak have been the Cartamon chain and Freshen the Air. Every thing else has been elited.

The best quest so far xp wise has been Proof in the Poison. A level 4 market place quest. I used to skip it because it was long and way to expensive to bother with doing. Until Crisis talked me into it right after TRing first was added. And he pointed out the optionals make the quest.

(Optional) Kill Gnaghi Ugnot (25% of base XP)
(Optional) Kill Woathe (25% of base XP)
(Optional) Slay 40 members of the Quickfoot gang (30% of base XP)
(Optional) Slay 100 members of the Quickfoot gang (40% of base XP)

Don’t get me wrong it is still a pain as it seems like every other guy is an CC/magic missile wiz/rog Quickfoot Caster spamming Holds, Hypnos and stun effects. Every group of mobs has at least one grease dog and did I forget the Magic Missiles?

So it can be a challenge.

And to top it off you can’t keep a hireling alive. I tried, I really did. But my would be helper got him self killed in the fire traps for no reason at all that I could tell. Just ran out and stood there, burning to death. Hirelings should summon with the same (ship) buffs you have on you at the time of summoning. So I dismissed him right away, cleared another room or two and ran back to the start to re-summon him after 5 mins and did the jump off a stack of creates and call trick. He still ran through the fire but lived this time. Only to die later as he ran into some grease in an acid trap trying to unhold me I think and bit it.

Fine I started with 100 pots and 50 hams I will be fine. And I made it. 20 pots and 19 hams left….

But it was 16k plus xp for the final quest Xp. I am not sure how much in optionals but I would guess at least 10k. I know I ranked more then once while doing the quest. Good times.

4 thoughts on “Proof Is In the Xp!

  1. Nah

    It’s not worth the pain. In shorter time for about the same or more in XP you can do several other quests without the pain of slogging through one room after another with acid, wand casting rogues and their doggies.

    The XP aint worth the time and length.

    Now Deleras is where the early big XP comes from. Vale; now there is were the XP gusher happens.

    Poison. Nah.

  2. I agree, Proof is in the Poison just isn’t worth the aggravation anywhere near at-level. Plus, I personally find it to be quite repetitive (nowhere near Tangleroot levels, but still).

  3. It is worth doing the quest on Elite, just to get the favor, but I do not think it is worth the amount of XP for the effort. On another note, my last toon to ‘need’ to get it done, did run the quest short-manned with a healbot. We did fine, with NO deaths, all because we took the quest slow and steady.

  4. Agree with the others. As it’s not part of the Sharn Syndicate chain, I leave it on my “Do for Favor When I’m Uber” list. I like it’s complexity, to a point. But at-level, its torture.

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