(AC) Tanking, Here I Come.

My guild, the Defense Guild, has be on the mend member wise for a while now. And we have grown from 3-4 truly active accounts to almost enough to fill a raid. And enough to short man most of them on normal easily enough. But we are short on a few things. Mainly Tanks and Bards. Right now I have the only raid ready Bard in the guild and Tobril has the only raid ready Tank.

As some of you know I have stepped up and capped Samyus (as a Ranger) and TRed him into fighter as my side project for times when Torrance is not in the mood to play. Last life I leveled Samius a lot anyway and ended up capped more then a week before her.

While I was sick I did some stuff with him solo. He his now level 6 with 7 banked. Or is he 7 with 8 banked? I don’t know i was sick, damn it. BTW, Defender stance is really good if you don’t already know. I took a suit of mithral full plate and glued invulnerability on it via the Canith crafting. And took a mithral tower shield and added +6 stunning. And I will say I can wade into a group of mobs and cleave and great cleave and keep myself up with pots. His Ac is not uber right now but at 8 I will keep a set of +5s laying around and try out going into AC mod. If I am 25 right now with out trying I figure that 40 is easily do able at 8.

I am thinking with gear (as full on AC as I can get atm, including a possible 3 piece abishi set, and a planed E Fang with 3 feats (Maybe Sentinel … or maybe stick with my travel marks ) I think a 90+ self buffed is not out of the question.

I don’t have the gear all laid out because until I have it on my guy it is subject to change.

It will be good to have a tank again. I would hate tank on Java in some raids back when he was a Pally. And I had the wiz version a few points short from auto intimidating most of the bosses at the time before he went FvS. I could tank normals as a FvS well enough. But not the biggest guys. And really what the DG needs is a tank for all the raids we want to do often.

Even if I am not the best-est tank ever Horath/Sully tanking and everyone below that should be cake for Samyus and that is what I am looking for at the moment. As for Lob…. Well I don’t know, maybe? Someday. If I ever feel like being a big boy tank. 🙂

3 thoughts on “(AC) Tanking, Here I Come.

    • No Tobril,

      You have access to an account that has a bard on it. And it is not in our guild. Very different. That is like me saying i have a pure pally. No i have access to one (Son’s account).


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