I am soooo Ghetto!

For weeks now my video card has been telling me it is going out. It ends up turning itself off to keep from burning out and dieing.

At first I when this would happen I would just open the case cool down the card with a can of compressed air and then leave the case open while I was playing. Then I started leaving the case open all the time. More air movement is good right?

Recently, I moved the case to the side of the desk and put it on a night table stolen from the bed room hoping to stretch out buying a new one a little longer. This seemed to help a lot as I hadn’t had an issue since I moved it until last night. When I went even more ghetto, I pointed a box fan at it while its case was open.

Yep, I became that guy….

But see I was playing with Tobril, doing Catacombs on elite with our freshly TRed alts. And had just finished downloading the newest Comic Book Men from Itunes. So I had things to do on my computer last night. I couldn’t be down for the rest of the night, right?

I new you would agree. 🙂

So this morning I am looking at new video cards on newegg. Wow, I don’t have 500$ to drop on a fancy new card. Wish I did but I don’t. I can swing 150. Maybe a hair more but not a lot more.

I am leaning towards the ASUS ENGTX550 (Link). Thoughts? Other cards to consider? I will ordering something in a day or two at most so if you know of something better for a better price please use the comments.

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