Watch Out for that Tree! Or just Ram it out of the Way, GJ….

I have talked a lot about watching out for tilt in one’s self and trying to avoid or recover from it, but what do you do when you see someone else spinning out? I am not totally sure. I can tell you making a joke or trying to use the moment as a teaching moment is not the way to go. Let me try to explain.

Over the weekend Tobril was ill. But being a motivated Ddo player he took his handful of meds and did really well. We got a ton done but I watched him tilt both Saturday and Sunday. And was at a loss as to how to help…

The first time was after a failed Reaver raid. I had went up to get the switch and Tobril lead the puzzle solving aided by his trusty solver. Now Tobril has had some issues since they switched the colors to the “color blind” friendly colors. And some times I have issues with the blue and the green if my screen angle if off, so I totally understand. Once he realized he had made a green/blue error, he handed me control of the puzzle but as it was not done in the method I use I didn’t have enough time to get my head around it. And we exploded.

Now here is the point where I realized he was tilting as the rest of the day before I thought was fine, tough in places but fine. In hindsight, I was missing the tell tell signs of a friend tilting and at this point he was full on tilt. I said “You know the brain never fails. If done right.” in hope that he finally might let me show him how to solve with out a solver.

That was totally wrong on my part, you can’t offer up help when someone is tilting like that, it is almost impossible for the offer of help not to be taken as bragging or as an attack. Which was not my intention. But I see that is could have been.

Aside note: I still feel that everyone can solve with out solvers, it is not hard to do or learn. It is not a matter of having fun doing something. It is like having Hps on a tank, sure you can tank with less HP but if your light on Hp there is less of a buffer when handling a fluke.

The next day healz was off DQ timer. As part of my get more then one role prepped for raids and epics I have been working to my 20s. As Healz was on 18 getting him to 20 was not that hard. 🙂 Again Tobril was still ill. I hope he is better today…… Kinda. If he is sick again that means he will be on again tonight and I would rather play ddo with a sick Tobril vs him be filling better and him being out doing something useful with his life. (What can I say? I am a greedy SOB)

Any way we go to DQ. He brings a fighter he has dusted off when I needed some help capping out Samyus (He was super gimpy, Samyus not Tobril) We have myself, Torrance (on Torrance, wow), Tobril and Tim on his monk. Wanting the best odds for something on my 20th chest I went elite over some others protests. I was not on my game. I forgot to get my metas back on after buffing. I need to take some time and do that meta per spell thing but I don’t think I will any time soon. The queen decides to BB as soon as she is active before porting off and a slew of other errors on my part resulting in my many deaths. Even so we almost had her, in thanks to everyone else picking up my slack. If I had my shit together I believe we would have had her. But they could only do so much. Take 2 , I was playing better and we also did hard. (Storm in the chest and no Torc in the list if anyone cares.)

Stiner had logged on to help with the planed hard shroud but Tobril was tilting again and “felt like normal” and this time I kept my mouth shut and let him roll with it. And a normal was had. I took the time to craft and then I braked for dinner. When I returned I check in via some tells and I got the sense that he was feeling better. I don’t think I helped him at all. But what did help? How did he pull himself out?

I think he also took a dinner break. Taking an hour or so away from what ever your tilting on has to help. I am sure getting some food helped and when he returned he had non-questing plans.

But I am still at a loss as to how to help a friend when on the tilt. If you have any advice for helping a friend or yourself let me know in the comment area.

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