I Yelled Just a Little.

Saturday night, a call goes out for a hard Tod via the ByoH channel. Almost instantly the wife perks up and want’s t to go. She just booted up her Bowonk, and wants to try some other parts of the raid. She has a few ToDs under her belt as a healer. But that is about it.

We end up restarting as one of the healers ends up dieing in part one before we really get set up. Recall/DD. The last few people huddle together hoping that someone else will take the agro and they can get out. As I understand it there was one person kitting around the bosses saw Torrance recalling ran them over to her and then ported out. I only caught part of that as I was recalling out my self at the time and went to loading screen as the person kiting first heading towards her.

Have I told you all that she takes character death personalty? She does. And it makes her a better player. She is often the last one to die in a wipe. And often turns the fight around and prevents a wipe from happening. Phlor has a similar power. But his is more of the run away early and often variety. Better part of valor?

Anyway we wait for the 3 or 4 people that died to rebuff and get moving again. And part one goes smooth this time. Part two our kiter goes down at the very end. Oncler jumps out and intimidates and lives long enough for the group to finish up. The wife pulls the necklace for one of my rings and woot! Set bonus damage time. Aka good times.

Part three is where I ended up loosing it. We start, Sully shows up and knowing that the party takes sully off and kills her the wife goes in some. About that time the Sully “tank” starts crying foul. Because he can’t take Sully off her in the first 30 secs. Right away she discovers her error and turttles up waiting for the “tank” to do his job. Mean while he berates her and tells the healers to stop healing her. And she dies. And via text stands up for herself. Both Tobril and I do a little voice work. I want to point out that the “tank” lost agro many times. Where my poor monk ending up with the agro a few times. And we ended up with a few deaths before Sully went down.

Mean while some chatter went on, with Tobril defending Torrance as she followed instructions as she was given and they needed to shut up. I had lost it and had to be quite or vomit angry Samius over mic. Until we switched to Horroth when the chatter picked up again and I did go off a little. I don’t remember what I said but it was loud and full of words I try not to say. It shut everyone up until we finished the raid. For a group that wouldn’t shut up to go to pin drop quite I must have really unleashed. And I have the feeling that I made an angry impression as I don’t think any of those people ever heard me raise my voice before let alone thought I had such vile in me.

Watching my temper is something I have to do all the time. I can be quick to anger and once started it boils and boils. There were seven or eight people that didn’t deserve to hear my rant but they had to and to those people I am sorry. But I was not going let the blame fall on the wrong person for the cluster F%$& that was that last round. And I have a long memory when it comes to people that have pissed me off.

Well lets see if we can all get along from now on or if I am about to become one of those prima donnas that can’t play with some people. I hope we can all get along. I really do. But even as I write this I am becoming so angry that I just better stop before I rage on for you all.

2 thoughts on “I Yelled Just a Little.

  1. Good on you! I hate people that complain when everyone has actually been following orders. And NOBODY should dictate that healers shouldn’t heal X (yes, leader can call for healers not to raise X if X died too many times to live through the penalties or it’s the buff bard who doesn’t matter anymore after the initial buffs). That right there deserves a tongue lashing and a permanent addition to squelch list. For the tank AND the healz.

    And shame on those healers for not healing her. Maybe SHE should have tanked, by the sounds of it she’d have held aggro better than that… BLAH fail of a tank. I strongly dislike tanks that are super self-centered and whiny. Healers should also think twice about deciding not to heal someone. Cause sure, we all need healz, but hell if I’ll ever let a healer in my group ever again after letting anyone die on purpose.

    One of my guildies always jokes that he wants to get me to die in raids (and he’s a healer), and that’s funny-ish, but it makes me not trust him for a SECOND with my toons’ health. If he runs as a heal, I’m always going to bring self-sufficient toons. Or my healer.

    If you can’t trust your healz, it’s not going to go well. And tanks should stop whining. If the person is following instructions and once aggro is a problem chooses to NOT attack AND turtle up, the tank has nothing but himself to blame. Aggro can be regained considering how it works. If the tank doesn’t even know enough about aggro to be able to pull from a turtled up DPS after 30s-1min, there’s some major fail going on.

    People love to throw around blame with no clue nor any thought process. My favourite tongue lashing came from a lead once to a monk who was blaming a fail on me, when it was 100% not on me (someone picked up the last stone in HoX and said nothing)… That was some serious angry bitchfest LMAO.

    Chill. Squelch. Play with better healz and less assholish tanks. 🙂 They’re out there.

  2. Ok, so I haven’t been playing a lot lately, but this just irritates me. I don’t like mean people in raids. Granted, I’ve been short with people, but I’ve rarely been mean like that to someone when I fail my job.

    It’s why I’m ok with being a prima donna’s, and quietly letting someone know that I don’t run with a specific player and excusing myself from the raid.

    It’s all about fun! If it’s not fun, then I am done. That is all.

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