Tilt Avoidance

I have talked about tilt before. But if tilt is a new term for you I think of it as how bad play/mood encourages more bad play making the mood worse causing more bad play and onwards in a death spiral. Aka suckville. Last Wednesday, was one of those nights where I wish I was looking for tilt.

Looking back I have to say it started before I sat down at the computer. I was already not feeling well, and had a long day at work. But that is why I love Ddo, relaxation is only a few clicks away. Turns out the wife had hurt herself and was talking the night off to recover. So no major xp gains planed on the Trs.

No big, Fo and I wanted to try some challenges at the higher levels, mainly for xp. Looking over my list of ingredients, I need talismans to make a ring of the slayer at level 12. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. We end up doing really well netting 3 or 4 hundred ingredients, but it turns out we were in the wrong challenge. Grrr. We team up with Tobril, who wants to get some ingredients for items as well and we try the right challenge for the right ingredient. We do what I think was great. Until the power leveling hits for the ingredients, like 50. when 2 or 3 hundred would be about right.

We try moving on to some of the other quests on epic just to get a handle on their xp. Takes a little bit to get the wheels moving communication wise. Fo and I have been doing the challenges enough we have a pattern and a short hand that we use to keep things working smooth. Trying to add in a few more people can be frustrating for everyone. Take that and add Tobril being the only one that was handling more then 1 mob alone. Having to move in teams like wolves to protect and clear for our little miners. And team member a sees trouble on the left and member b sees trouble on the left and end up in trouble.

But I do think other then Devil Assault the epic challenges might be the quickest way to make tokens.

Then we move to ToD flagging. While Tobril was around to strap us to his back. Did I forget to say this was on elite. With out a divine? I died like 4 times. Three mobs were too much for me to handle alone. One on one I was fine. But with Tobril clearing the way and us pikers either working on side tunnels for chests or standing just far away that 4 or 5 mobs would port over at a time to kill us while Tobril handled the rest. It was tough. And when I said “Just leave me down.” I knew I was tilting hard. My play was sloppy and I was done. We wrapped that run up and I was out for the night.

Had I caught one of the earlier signs maybe I could have done something to make the night better for me. Instead I logged 3/4 angry at myself and read comics until bed.

I had to have been super good company that night. 🙂


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