Misc Thoughts: Ddo Store

I have no issues using the ddo store. In fact there are a number of items I am waiting to appear in the store that as far as I know are not even a twinkle in some marking exec eye, yet. But right now I want to talk about what might be coming.

I tend to error on the side of savings and buy points when they are on sale. Now I could make due with out buying any points but I have a little more disposable income that I can put to entertainment as most of my entertainment comes from Ddo and netflix.(Aka I stay home when ever possible.) And not as much time to play as I would like. So there is my trade off, a little cash for a little time saving and it happens to help get me content. Win Win.

I have noticed a bit of a trend. There is a big point sale then a week or two later good stuff either goes into the store or goes on sale. So I am wondering what will be the thing to buy this go around.

I just saw the pick your own discount. I often load up on Hearts of Wood and xp pots while there is one of these 30% off offers. Might get all my upcoming TR guys the pack space and the bank space…. Oh ad I need a name change or twooooo.

I want a few things returned before going nuts on my shopping list.

+5 hearts I want to take Samyus and make him my permanent bowonk. That will fit his original design goal well enough. But the best past life that I can get him for a life as a bowonk is not the wizard past life. At 10/6/1 right now with a level banked the best I can do with hearts in the store amt is take him to ranger school. Which is a fine feat and I might wish I had it but of the 3 classes I am right now Monk would be the biggest boon to the build.

+3 tomes, I know lots of people will have a cow when the +3s return. But with the upcoming retain tome through a TR change, I see their sales being better then ever. I know there are a few stats I would like to have a +3 in for Samius for the rest of his Trs, I had a few saved up but not a full set, Samyus has a full set of +1s and that is all.

There are one or two little things that quickly come to mind Humbug and Missle-toe are great. I ❤ Missle-toe so much I have a stack on Samius and a stack in the bank for then I run low. I would ❤ to have a stack on everyone that can’t wing around.

Of coarse there are more things here and there but as I am not a human ddo wiki, regardless of what Phlor thinks, so I better go.

2 thoughts on “Misc Thoughts: Ddo Store

  1. Is there a limit of +3 tomes you can purchase apply to a single account or character?

    What was the price before and what do you think it will be the next time?

  2. I would assume that you could buy up to 6 (well, technically 7, counting the Supreme, maybe) per character – one per stat. But only sufficiently high level ones. And any character high enough.

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