Good Raid Night, So So Epic Tuesday

Last night epic Tuesday was back. The Team forms up for a epic Devils Assault and pugs a slot out to a much more dps driven War chanter bard. Not sure if he was just WC 2 I only saw him do the damage song and the DR song. Over all the run was very smooth. Tobril only killing 3 party members with his FvS healing and those were during boss fights, where those of us with sound followed normal protocols and cleaned up trash before moving on to the boss. Where our other no voice chat bard when right in on the boss and took agro vs letting the easier to heal better defensed Bowonk take it. Once she had it no one could take it away from her, and we where able to keep her up with baby heals.

We also zerged a quick Ebob. Which I guess was fairly good, as two scrolls dropped. Both to DG people that didn’t have that scroll. So win win. That is where Epic Tuesday ended and raid night began.

We swapped around and popped in to the waiting DQ 6 man and did a fast elite DQ. Moving my unloved Clr to run number 16. Guess I will have to get him to his disappointing 20th list in the next few weeks. Think I want to get him able to heal some of the 6 man epics….

Then Tobril offers ToD up for the next run. Sure why not, swap to SamiusJr for rings. I load up some Iron man comic I haven’t read yet via the Marvel digital reader (good as it has lots of books I haven’t read yet, bad as reading them on a phone or tablet doesn’t work right.)

Anyway, there happens to be a pug up already with 3 people and we decide to crash that group. The raid went super smooth. To the point where people wished we had done hard. But as that 3 or 4 rings dropped. I was more then happy. The Assassin ring when up for roll and I was the only one that rolled on it, win. Now I can add another burst effect and wait for my Shinto ring.

A swap again, and a Reaver goes up. Having not played my current character in a while I go in to lich form and forget to keep my aura running. Get low on health. Look for my Neg E burst. Find it. Cast it get hit and die. Quicken wasn’t on….. opps. Back to my Iron man comics. 🙂

It is about 9:30 I normally would have logged for the night long ago to watch something with the wife, but I am not feeling tired and decide to tag along for the shroud about to go up. I swap to my gimpy side project Samyus. He needs to cap out so I can TR him into a more worth wild build. Thinking my permanent Bowonk or Air Sorc. I need to decide soon because what he is going to be next will decide how to finish him out this life.

Surprisingly the run wasn’t too bad time wise, 26 mins. But we had captain super ass clown in the group so it was less pleasant then normal. But I did get a scale and I finished 3 books over the 3 raids.. Not a bad night all in all. Just not as epic as I normally hope.

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