I think the reason you guys read these posts is the fact that I try to share my thought process, as well as my short comings along with my victories. Last night I gained the xp for 19. I don’t plan to take 19 any time soon but it does make me think about things I have been putting off.

What should this life count as? Currently Samius is 6/6/6 monk/ranger/fighter my Arcane Shintao Kensei Archer. I could go fighter or ranger. Fighter is full of good stuff, to hit and trip/stun dcs. Not that the ranger free past life feat is any worse, +2 ranged damage and two more to all resistances. But when it comes to the pay for past life feat the ranger life clearly wins. And that would be 2 more AC from level 12 on. Assuming that I can fit it in to my next build and AC will matter for it….?

Speaking of the next build and things I haven’t decided yet. What to do next? I think Fopo wants to do an arcane life next so I need to make a build that pairs up well with an arcane.

Also I think that Fo is worried that I will wrap up soon and leave him to level alone. Part of the reason he wants to get the lives he doesn’t want to solo done. However, Sam has 4ish more classes to level plus druid when it comes out and I also want to do two more FvS lives for the spell penetration but I want completionist before I worry a bout extra lives . I wonder were I would be at if I started TRing like Star did? Would I also have the super completionist title? I don’t think so.

Anyway, I want to try playing a rogue. But as I am thinking more of a permanent 18/2 rogue/fighter for epics or a 11/9 rog/monk for my TR life. Something to get the feel for the Rog some.

Maybe that 11/9 would be the way to be when teaming up with an Arcane. Assuming he will have the hate do to aoes or putting mobs into backstabbing mode via CC. All the while keeping the UMD up high for faster healing…

Lots to think about.

One thought on “Undecided

  1. Actually, from my read, it’s +2 AC from the get-go… and +5 from 12 on.

    I’d suggest figuring out what your next life is gonna be before you decide how your current life will end (Er… pun unintended) – if you’re going to go some kind of caster or archer again, ranger wins IMHO (for the ele resist on the caster). Otherwise, fighter probably wins. (There’s also the monk +1 damage to consider…)

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