If at First You Don’t Succeed, You Must be on the Fail Train.

Lets do a weekend review today. Starting with Reaver raid pugged.

Fopo was doing House C crafting ingredient runs. He was super focused on making some Bracers of Wind, once I showed him how to find a few more points of AC with some gear changes. So Torrance and I spent a lot of time saying “What do you want to do? I don’t know what do you want to do?” Before long she sees a Reaver Pug and jumps in. After a min I do the same.

For some reason every time I wonder why I have so much trouble soloing this thing any more. This raid with the Reaver at about 1/2, five(according to the wife) people where in the box. Way less then 7 people were being helpful. Including the raid leader/puzzle solver. So I pulled the lever, killed the reaver (not alone) and solved the puzzle. Got the shaft. But some one got a +3 tome and there was 1 or 2 seals and at least one or two other named lootz.

Flag for shroud, do shroud. Shroud is now Hard/Elite worthy. So we do Hard. Took us 3 tries over 2 days.

That first group was 2 sorcs, 3 Fvs, the 3 of us TR train people that were on. Can’t say I remember a ton about that first run until part 5 where melee could not keep Harry surrounded do to them just dropping due to the total lack of heals. Three FvS, had to hope one of them had mass heals??? People die, get rezed. Fight more. Harry was at a sliver. When I took to much damage that I couldn’t keep myself up with scrolls. All that was left was one Fvs. And he ran around healing himself. Finally got him to BB, thought he was going to save it. But he just couldn’t.

New day, new group. This group was way better then the other group. Part 4 was a long 1 rounder or a super short 2 rounder. Depending as to how you look at it. This time Part was a nightmare. Healing was alright, but not great. And we wiped with Harry at about a 1/3 to a 1/2 hp.

Grrr. Fine “normal for completion” I hate that line more then words can say. But we completed with mostly the same group.

Did the Reaver Refuge quests. Kobold was a nightmare. I am blaming scaling of a fourth person. Last life the 3 of us had no issues. But this time they were hitting that much harder. But all working together we found a way to win. Monastery we had to do the cake rez trick. Fo and I both tried for the switch. But the saves were too much. Torrance had the original learn to use the store cake handy. I need to go get mine before TRing again. Two runs to save the Dragon failed. Again we did all three Refuge quests last life on elite with no problems. We need to learn to work better with the bigger scaling and then some as I think Tobril is tagging along this next life….

The good thing is even though I was disappointed with the losses I didn’t feel like I was tilting. Think it was because I enjoy playing with these guys but not in a competitive way (Like I sometimes have with Tobril). Now if we can just complete some of these things regardless of scaling a hair smoother….

4 thoughts on “If at First You Don’t Succeed, You Must be on the Fail Train.

  1. For the life of me I still don’t understand why some groups have problems with elite Reaver’s.

    Some quests really get merciless with scaling to the point where it’s not worth doing anything but solo. *sigh* It’s sad really.

    • The Kobold issue was a matter of a failed save was 70 points of fire. With the whole room hateing on one person bad saves are going to happen.

      Monastery same deal but with the spike traps along the ceiling.

      While save the dragon we had long paths each time putting the dragon at half health to start with. That is disadvantage to over come.

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