Jack and Squat

Reign of Madness
The rings offered as end rewards now have a minimum level.
Lam Notes

I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Time to get grinding.

I have a +6 con ring bound to account with no minimum level. My wife has a GFL one also with no minimum level. I have a few other good rings on a bank character, a 125 Sp ring a long with one or two others, mainly Rouge skills. Remember, I always look at every item in my list for minimum levels. Sometimes you will be surprised. And when you TR as often as I do, twinking becomes half the fun.

Last night was a free night. Tobril is out of town, opening a new store. So I couldn’t make him lead a ToD for me.

Torrance was taking the night off after making me almond crusted chicken and banana pancakes, thanks le_goat. The pancakes were a little off. I have to find some caveman sirup, I guess. I am not a big anything on my pancakes guy but something is needed. Still I ate the hell out of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

And Fo was out bowling. I am sure his blog will have scores and what not soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I was alone for a while. Gave me some time to take my gimpy Samyus through the Reign of Madness pack. Had to do casual on some of them, but xp is xp. I made it through the pack with out to much trouble once i got past Acute Delirium. A quick look down the list gave me the option of a Fang of Siberys or a 25% striding ring of nothing +3. I took the ring.

Switched to Java and zerged the pack again, think he will be my madness farmer for the next week or so. Might have to pike my kids account along also! Got a Fang in the list again and lots of the upgrade collectables. There was also a +4 acid simy of PG level 8 took it as the games are rocking and how good would that be icy bursted at level 8?

I heard that U13 was due out on the 22 on the newest Ddocast. Or at least in the first 11 mins of it. I havenโ€™t gotten to finish it yet. So you have 5 days to farm up your rings. I am looking for a False life of usefulness. Think fort can be the suffix on a ring. How uber would GFL of heavy fort be at level 0? heck I would take a FL of light fort and call it a win.

But how often do you get what you are looking for?

Skimming the Lam Notes….

The Ring of the Stalker’s Manslayer effect now works properly.
Lam Notes

Wonder how it was broken? Fo’s ring seems to vorp the mob whenever anyone on the server rolls a 20. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hear Manslayer on some tears of the ring are broken. His is the level 12 version tear 3 added Feather Fall and lowered the level 2 making it level 11. It seams to work almost too well.

Monsters with rogue levels and the Sneak Attack ability now have the ability to reduce fortification to personal attacks to some degree. For example, a CR 10 bugbear assassin with 4 Sneak Attack dice will now be able to critically-hit someone with heavy fortification approximately 10% of the time. That same bugbear will be unable to critically hit a character with 110% fortification.
Lam Notes

Get your Fort up more or find some more Hps.

That is enough for now.


3 thoughts on “Jack and Squat

  1. my epic ring of the stalker tier 1 works all the time, maybe that is what is broken. I didn’t know about the reign rings, it’s a pity that I’m going on vacation for a week and will probably lose that…

  2. I’ve heard the Manslayer doesn’t work with unarmed/wraps, maybe that’s what’s broken?

    Personally, I’ve been farming Extraplanar Palace while the lich is in charge. Him, I can kill in several seconds, then get back to whipping the kobolds. Once U13 drops and he gets booted out by the marilith, however, all I’ll have a chance to do is run around in circles kiting her.

    You might try some kinda fruit on your almondcakes. Barring that, there *are* pure syrups out there, but they tend to be kind of expensive (or maybe I just see ’em ’cause I’m in syrup country). I’m assuming that pure syrup, made by boiling sap and not adding a whole buncha stuff, would fit the caveman diet, at least.

  3. My ring of the stalker level 16 instakills humanoids on a natural 20. Even stuff in elite Vale quests on the first shot from a repeater before any party member have even seen them.

    ‘hey! Weren’t there supposed to be 3 windlasher gnoll archers in this hallway?’ my halfling arti/rogue just dances and we proceeded

    Haven’t checked it out on my melee rogue who has a level 20 ring. Because he adds so many effects that it is hard to keep track of what exactly killed the mob. ๐Ÿ™‚

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