Reaver Fail?

Like almost every night I get asked what the plan is. And like every night I ask my wife (if she is playing) what she wants to do. Most nights it is level my TR. Or sometimes it is raids. Last night it was whatever.

Never a good sign.

So with xp on the brain, we knocked out the last 2 litany runs. Over all Litany chests were more helpful this life then normal. With 3 pages among 3 different people all from the same chest, it beats the normal totally skunked that I have been seeing the last 2 lives. Although a few lives back I got 2 Docents of Quicking. When I roll an Arty the dog will be uber!

After Litany, I look at the quest list. Acid Wit and Delirium are the only two level 15s I haven’t done. Miss remembering the other day which Harbinger of Madness quest was the final monster of a quest on Elite, I talked Micheal into bringing in his 20 so Phlor and I could do the quest on normal. So we could get the end reward for the chain. There are some good items in there.

Buff and Acid Wit it is as Delirium (Acute or not ) is one of the hardest quests to complete at level on elite. Acid Wit is doable if low xp for the time. The wife and I became separated as I followed mobs one way and see followed mobs the other way. A few seconds later I hear “I’m dead.” A quick look and she is still at 100 hp and I take off. But she is earth grabbed and too far away for me to save. 😦

That started the “Why are we doing this quest?” and “Where was my back up?” talk. Grrrr.

We complete and earn our 13k xp. Think I was the only one that didn’t die at some point.

I start looking at what is left. To get xp from in the level 15 quests. And there is not a lot when the wife talks about doing a Reaver.

A few things to keep in mind. I don’t like leading pugs. I was feeling ill. I try to keep everyone happy. And I have soloed the Reaver raid many many times. With all kinds of character types. I have exploded but not before pulling the lever that lowers the force field to the puzzle.

Well last night the four of us did. To start we got lots of ellies right away. The first 2 balls were both ellie spawns. Just as we get all the ellies down the other two corners are hit and spawn more. At this point Torrance gets tripped and again I can’t save her as I am in full on ranged mode across the room. One man down. We go up and down well everyone but Phlor who lands in the save spot and stayed there. The bravest of us all. 🙂

Fo and I are working on ellies and he drops to -2. I was not a far away from him and get a heal off just in time to go up again.

We are down to 5 or 6 ellies when we happen to get fly. And start the beat down again. After a few Torrance wants to know if anyone is coming to rez her? I send Fo as he can heal as well as I can but his lighting 2 should be a little less damage then my angry fists. He gets half way and realizes it will be a one way trip. I call him back.

A fresh fly and I go. I decide to get her stone and not pull the lever. It feels faster as I am running out of fly. Less then a min left. I move as fast as I can. Get right to the edge when I take 4 or 5 hits. I stop to heal. As I scroll my fly ends and I fall into the last batch of spikes. I am in the box. 10 secs later Tor pops in as her stone is still in my pack. She didn’t get a rez. But as she has started to not wear her head set she couldn’t ask for one.

Fo comes to get us. Making it to us but trapping him. I take his rez below, Tor gets mine and off I go, back to the beat down.

I get the reaver prepped and all I am waiting for is a fresh fly so to hit the kill switch and boom. The world explodes. I didn’t think the timer started until we got the kill switch? Oh well. If Tor didn’t die I know we would have won. If I hadn’t wasted time sending Fo and then recalling him we should have won. If I didn’t fail to get Tor back I think we would still have had a good shot.

But this one I know for sure, if the clock started when the kill switch is pulled we would have won no doubt.

Well live and learn. Maybe tonight.

2 thoughts on “Reaver Fail?

  1. I was convinced the clock doesn’t start until boss is dead… what is this nonsense?!

    Or maybe getting people from penalty box also starts the timer?! I don’t really know because in our runs if you end up in penalty box you stay there until completion of raid. We don’t get anyone out (we also have 12 people).

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