The Importance of Having Alts

You can break characters into a few main groups.

Main, often the most played character. But is the one you most identify with, in my case I am Samius. He is my main.

Alts, the second tear of characters. You play them as much as you feel like. Sometimes more then your main but normally not. They are often built to allow you to do something your main can not or to play when you feel like something other then playing your main. JavaBot would be my main alt.

Role fillers, Alts you roll and level up to fill perceived holes in your alt options. I have 3 divines for “healing”, Butters is my Epic runner while Sam is on the TR train, etc.

And Bank/trash Alts. These are often experiments or Alts that have fallen from grace. Samyus (some one I will talk about later) was heavily played until TRing became an option and then Samius became a full on focus. These alts can often be salvaged but can be a challenge to recover.

Why to I bring this up? Three reasions, Phlor, Stiner and Samyus.

Phlor: Now back from dead, he was a main only kinda of guy. Mostly do to his dislike for leveling. He loves raiding, it is the part of any game he <3s the most. But he also wants to make his main as uber as he can. Aka some past lives are needed.

Stiner: Trying to cap out his first ever character. He has lots of Alts capped including his main, but he has set the goal of capping his first character ever.

Samyus: Lets say is he also someone I want to cap out so I can TR him in to a missing role. I will add some of the copy I wrote about him yesterday but ended up not using at the bottom if you want see how far he has fallen.

Here we have three different reasons to have and cap an alt. Phlor needs a raiding/epic capable alt for when the mood strikes him or to be part of the guild raid-epic nights. Stiner wants to get that feeling of completion from caping his first alt. And I want an old fav to have new life and get soom play time again.

As promised a little about Samyus. Samyus, is an alt I really loved back when the cap was lower. I built him with a full set of +1 tomes if that helps you get an idea as to how old he was. I was super pleased to get a full set for him. Now a set of +2 are fairly common for most of my guys. And some are close to a set of +3s. The idea was x/2 wiz/ranger melee/ranged focused and rock the auto crit enabling spells for good trash clean up.

Any way, after a few +3 lesser hearts, he is now 10wiz, 6 ranger, 1monk. And he uses a gs rapier 3xearth and 3x air light pick. He was the first guy to get GS of any kind. And back when we could auto crit with holds or earth grasp he was my nasty melee wizard. Now he is really lacking. When I put that last lesser into him I planed to do 12/6/2 and use lich form and stay melee. With the additional forms and lich moving to 18, he has been left unplayed at 17 for a very long time.

Alright that is enough for today.

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