Totally Preordered.

Last night there was much debate, both with the wife and with Fopo about what and when to pre order our Underdark Expansion. To skip to the end some the wife and I both ordered last night. But their was more debate that I want to cover.

To do the super Tp pack or Not, That was our question. Last month when the super sale happened we both found room in the budget to pick up points. And we feel good about that. Or I did (not so sure about her) until last night. Wow…. Kinda wish I had waited now. But even so I thought we should try to find room for the bonus Tp deal. My thought was that 11k Tp + what we have would be more then enough Tp to switch to Premium and remove a monthly (really every 3 month) bill.

Here is the clincher. The point my wife made that I had no logic to counter. She said “I don’t think I want to loose my VIP status, do you?”

Hmmm, No.

I like being VIP. I know that the the perks of being a VIP seam to be dwindling. But to me it is being the better consumer. Right now I feel by my remaining VIP I am saying this game is good enough and I enjoy it enough that I will “buy” it every month. My view of Premium players are this game is good enough I will buy this and that and at any time I don’t want to support the game with my check book I wont. Both are totally valid methods of paying. But VIP right now it the way for me.

I know I will I regret not getting this pack bundle I use my Tp on a whim, and it is a killer deal. Maybe I will see if there is a hack around after I get payed and see what I can do.

Lets shift topics some:

Why did I pre order last night? Tomes of learning. Cute little pets. And I was going to do it sooner or later might as well be sooner.

So who gets the big tome of learning? A question we all talked about last night. I picked Samius for two reasons. One I was piking some Dreaming Dark runs last night while I bought and set up the pre orders. I didn’t want to slow the people down that were moving my counter up. And I hear that there is an tome of learning upgrade that we can use to boost the other guys tomes. Samius only has 4 or 5 more lives he has to do. Java is currently on life 3 or 4. He can use the help as I assume I will take him completionist at some point.

Pets, I like them. I named the little wolf after my puppy Qywnn. Bought her the dance trick and a top hat and sparkle collar. And I am very happy. Now when I do my naked dancing waiting for the group/raid to fill I have someone to dance with. We noticed some status lag dealing with the pets last night. Tobril never saw her in her little top hat. I have to assume that as the pets are ran client side that the main server packet is fairly simple as to the status of the pet. I guess it is passing a Who and some Whats (wearing, doing if an action). We found if you did a gear swap it normally fixed the whats but not always. Also I couldn’t get the tricks to work from the quick bar. But Fopo had no issues. Hope to get that working tonight.

Meeting time. See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Totally Preordered.

  1. Yep, you can upgrade a Lesser Tome to a Greater Tome for 600 TP… which is rather sweet. Kinda wish they had that with other stuff (“Oh, you already have a +2 Tome and you want to participate in the +3 Tome sale? No problem! We can give you a discount!”)

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