Cheating is Bad

So I have been on this Caveman diet. Mostly meat and veggies. No grains, legumes or a small list of other items. For the most part it is vary easy. I can sit my cravings aside and be good.

Also I have lost 23 pounds in the last 2 or 3 weeks and more importantly my migraines have backed down some. There is still a throb like a sore muscle or something but the 24/7electric fire that I decided would never go away with out lots and lots of pain killers is a lot more manageable. Now I just have the flare ups to manage.

So anyway, the wife and I decided we would cheat a little for Vday and go eat at this little dinner we like. I have been trying to make something like pancakes for awhile now using Almond flour, eggs, and coconut milk. But they aren’t right. I can take that batter and pour it into a muffin tin and make a brisket like thing. But it tastes very Almondly. Which is good. But not what I am looking for. But I will keep at it.

So we hit this dinner and I order some pancakes, she behaves slightly better then I and gets a hamburger and fries (aka her kryptonite).

As soon as I dig into the pancakes they taste “wrong”. I am not sure if the month and a half of eating better as reprogrammed my taste buds some or not. But were not what I wanted as soon as I had the first bite.

But I ate more. And as I went on, I knew I just didn’t want them. So at one and a half pancakes in a short stack of 3 I pushed them aside. I felt heavy and bloated. But hungry. But I had the nasty taste in my mouth and couldn’t eat the eggs even.

So we went home, both the wife and I regretting going out. And it hits me what I have been graving potato-pancakes or Mac and Cheese. But cheating on both grains and cheese would be too much.

So anyway maybe next month when I want to cheat again I will remember this and stop myself. Or at least find something worth cheating with.

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