eHox and eVod is Good Xps

Saturday night the Tr train leveled to 17. Almost right away I started to hit up Oncler in channel to drag me through elite Hox and Vod. But I didn’t get any replies. 😦

After a quick gear check (nope still nothing at level 17) and a few people saying they were leaving or taking a long afk I looked at the Lfm panel.

What do I see? Oncler, has an elite Hox Up. WTF?

So I shoot him a tell “Room for three?” I see that there are like 4 or 5 people in the group already, so I assume we are good. But after a min or two I get no reply. And 2 more slots fill.

Well hell. Drop and apply. Get in and first thing ask for 2 more slots. But there is only one slot left. The wife hits the LFM and gets in. Oncler and I chat for a min and he boots a guy that has been Dced for 5-10 mins and says “He can bitch at me, if he ever logs back on!” And invites Fopo. And we are off.

We have the H method planed, and I was looking forward to trying out my Dps in the next tear of quests. Remember, just leveled to 17. I get assigned to the west and Fopo and Torrance the right. But I guess when the guys run this on hard everyone collapses into the center and ride it out with 4 stones using 2 or 3 dogs. And an arcane kites the outside alone using Flesh to Stone on the beholders.

But elite Big Mama has too many Hps for 4 stones and by the time we got back out to look for more things were a mess. On the plus side other then a early fluke death where no one was able to help me kill a protector that made it into the middle until after I died. I was the next to last to die, and that was to a Mama over run while orange alert.

Rebuff and I insist on staying outside to keep the alert down and we win in no time. There was a funny point when Fopo and I where the only two on one side, he was real low and I go to heal him just as a doomball Tenser’s me. And he has to kit around until he heals up and I kill the baddie. The Chain Shirt drops for me, but it is no help. But it goes to the wife who passes it off also.

eVod goes smoother then the Hox at least until the end push when both divines die. 1/2 the melee die once there is no mass healing but Torrance and I live along with enough people to finish Sully off. Again no worth wild loot, but 66K+ xp and kept the streak alive.

So wins aver all.

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