A Tale of Two ToDs

On Thursdays I twist Tobril’s arm and make him lead me through Tod at least one for Butterz. Mainly to spend some time doing end game stuff. Ideally, we would do a ToD then LoB and MA. Well last night we did two ToDs and an Abbott. It worked out I guess.

So I swap from Samiusjr to Butterz. I have been taking the slow 30mins or so to ransack Raiding the Giant’s Vault with Jr to farm some plat and renown. It keeps my account in the black while TRing Samius non-stop.

So swap, Boat up and head to the quest, a healer short of full and ready to go. There is some talk about as we have Ac tanks the two bards in the group could scroll the tank and the lone divine could stay with the party. But alas Butterz was on timer for 16 hours. Oops!

I forgot, Oncler did a hard a few days ago and I tagged along.

After a quick chat with Tobril I swap to Java. So I could heal and he would lead on Holy and I could bring Jr for that run.

Group 1:
I am not sure what happened, the raid was full of good peeps. But part one was kinda F’ed up. I needed up moving to the party once the other healer and 3 or so good melees died. Leaving Tobril to tank the Jailer by pot healing. He was fine. Don’t think that it was all impressive. Tobril didn’t get the him killed before we stabilized and killed the Judge. If he did then we all would be impressed.

Part 2 was going fine until the kiter died. I got a BB down and was winging out, when Tobril yelled out to spam heals. I took a hit as poor Java is not fast. Wing and then 5 secs of sloooooooow. And wing again. Many people died, including me as the Devil went down. But a win is a win right?

Part 3, well the group woke up and it was super smooth. Tobril passed me a trophy for healing. And there was 4 or 5 rings drop. Not super ones. And Java has his rings just can’t seem to find the right belt. If I did more then 1 ToD with him a month it might help.

Group 2:
We had a lot of hold overs, which is cool. But we also picked up a few people. Not English speaking people, not an issue until loot drops.

Part 1 and 2 go smooth. Tobril kites on his WF FVS I need to ask him about his striding item. Maybe I will get an Abbott seal and fix Java’s quiver next.

Any way part 3 is also super smooth until it is loot time. One of the Asian guys pulls a Telvi’s Touch and another guy pulls a Oremi’s Ring. There might have been others but these are the issue.

In chat the owner of the Telvi’s Touch asks if any one wants it. Or I assume that is what linking it meant. No dice were ever given, but I want to say I saw someone say they did. Mean while the owner of the Oremi’s wants to give his away over voice. 2 or 3 people say I do, plus myself. And I also type in chat that I would like to roll on it, if it was up. No one else seems to want it. But he doesn’t seem to hear me. A little bit later, he asks again offering it to one of Miss’s monk. He says no, and says to pass it to me. I say that would be great and type something to that effect in case he doesn’t understand/ or hear me. Some how this guy thinks that there is another Oremi’s in the chest and again is looking for someone that might want his.

Mean while back to the Telvi’s. Its owner links it again. That is all, just links it. The only sorc in the group says he wants it via chat.

About that time Miss is fed up and tells people how the rings should go. I should get the Oremi’s and the sorc (ice) should get the Telvi’s. I shorted and cleaned it up for you all. But that was what he said in a nut shell. While I would like the ring I by no means require it. Its owner just seemed to want to give it to anyone but me. Which was weird to me, but I let it go.

After Miss was done the Sorc informed him that he as air, and not water. And Miss said that he took it all back and asked why he was trying to help. Which the the Oremi’s owner meant that I didn’t want said ring. And began to ask again for any takers. I just typed that I would like the ring and left it as that.

I think someone must have sent him a tell as out of the blue it got passed to me, about a min after that. I thanked him and left.

I don’t know who, if anyone got that Telvi’s. 10Mins standing around a chest and talking is too much for me. All I know is people started recalling and dropping so I figured that someone would take if sometime.

Crazy! So anyway thanks to some very good people Jr has one of his dream rings. Think he might get played a little more often as some of his key gear is coming together. Just need to get a plan together. Thankfully Tobril has a good gear layout for a halfing monk I can follow more or less. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two ToDs

  1. Congrats!

    I never ask over voice who wants what I have because it’s too annoying to try to determine who spoke and whatnot. Typing is 100 times better.

    In general, if someone doesn’t specify a dice (and people rarely do unless several things are offered in chat at the same time)… I just roll d100. Forget saying whatever, the roll says it for me. I want it. 😛

  2. People need to STFU if they are not the puller of loot. The sheer hypocrisy of htat run was astounding. They also need to follow the star, I don’t care who “usually” runs a group.

    The Chinese cleric had a good use for the ring as it would let him break his sora kell set and give him a useful ex +1 stat.

    When the Telvi’s was put up for roll and he won nothing should have been said and the ring should have been passed to him. The original puller should have set rolling restrictions is he wanted it to go drama free to someone “more suited” to it.

    Unfortunately a lot of that group is rather racist towards Chinese people and that is part of why the event happened.

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