Ac and Me, Part2

Yesterday I talked about keeping up my AC or switching back to the more normal leveling gear layout for me of Hp/amp/guards/ dr. I got some lower votes and some good feed back. So last night when I logged on I did some content in my HP/Amp/Guard gear and some in my Ac gear.

Swapping in to a con 6 ring, and a Greater False Life item netted me more then 75hp. Plus I remembered to slot a guild item with hp putting me at a hair under 500 hp. My amp is missing something as my 1 were still 1s but my 2s were 3s and my 5s were 7s so I am some place in the 150% to 199% amp range. Lowering my AC to 45.

We went out to the vale, just to net some easy to get xp while the rest of the group formed up. And I have to say it was like any other time in the vale. I got hit a lot and took lots of damage. But I was able to keep myself at more then 300 hp off nothing more then my incoming healing and light finishers. Had the bad lag that ended up killing the client while there was 4 spiders on me. But the time I had relogged in there was only one left, guards/ auto attack had killed the other 3 and I was still in the 300s.

And while this is normal for me balancing incoming healing vs incoming damage so I am not worried about doing the dance. Is it the best way?

Everyone finished eating, hang up the phone, got out of the restroom long enough for us to do Madstone.

For Madstone (elite) I went back to AC, I kept all my not Ac gear in my pack encase 64 Ac was not helpful. But I had the feeling that it would be.

I went ahead and shielded up to clear the main field. The lowest I got Hp wise, was 350 or so. I was almost always full. My incoming healing more or less the rare hits and any glancing blows I may have taken. And the one time I noticed that I was down I was able to light finisher and fill back up completely.

Crucible (elite) was the same way. Other then the swim (where I did switch to hp mode just in case) I learned a 7+32 did not evade but silver flame pots made quick work of the damage and the swims we no problem. Yes I went back for the bracers chest. No I did not get any still.

For now I am going to stay AC. I am not going to lower my dps to stay AC like I could. But as long as it is working I will keep. Right now the loss of Hp is totally countered by having an effective AC.

Something for you neigh sayers to remember, I am not talking about a 64 AC at the end game being effective. I am talking about at level elites and one level above hards while leveling back up so I can TR again. That is all.

However, I am working on an end game Ac tank so look forward to that build sometime.

2 thoughts on “Ac and Me, Part2

  1. I go for HP over AC mostly because I haven’t figured out how to get my AC much higher than it is. Works out fine for my pally, monk and rogue, but I do kinda wish I could get Jalliria the Amazing Gimp-O-Cleric’s AC up.

  2. Yeah, I go for HP over AC for much the same reason. I suspect I could do a pretty decent job with my monk (who generally runs about 59 or buffed, although I noticed she was sitting at 61 a few nights ago and I have NO idea how) if I got some good AC gear (epic Jidz-Tet’ka comes to mind, I really need to start running some epic House D stuff with her) but for now I’ll settle for her having half again my bard’s HP *without* having toughness or GFL slotted.

    I wouldn’t even bother with my gimpy hagglebard’s AC if most of it didn’t come from her Buccaneer’s ring anyway…

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