The Challenge!

I guess I am not the only one that wants to try to do a little improvement in my life. My cave man diet is doing well btw. And so far the wife is sticking to her quest to quit drinking Pepsi and changing her diet to help her feel a little better. Did I tell you all about the Berkey? Maybe I will save talking about it until the end.

Anyway, Tobril is also on the betterment bandwagon. Monday I got a weird tweet from him to me “I need a bit of help, if you (Samius) can commit to 2 mins a day for the next 90 days”

Hmm, sure?

He called yesterday, and explained what he is doing, well enough anyway. Now I am going to try to explain it to you and ask for your help also.

The long and short is he wants to devote an hour a day to study. 50 mins for reading/doing and 10 mins doing a fast blog/writing about what he just spent the last hour doing. In a tap it while it is hot. So to have a second experience to help with recall.

But here is the deal, Tobril has focus waves. He will become super focused on something for a few weeks to a month/s. But never really more then 3 or 4 months at a time. Ddo is the only thing I have ever known him to keep is intensity at a high for an extended time. And even then he as waxed and waned as we all have.

Just a few of the things I have seen him focus on over the years, his car, Magic, the “Girl”, Ninja classes, playing the G-tar, biking and a ton more. All of these things have had their day and have fallen to the normal level of attention. Tobril is the only one I know that 30 days of doing something doesn’t form a habit. A rare gift in deed!

So to keep him on task he has written me a check and put it in the mail. A check that I have been asked to cash if he fails to keep up with the pace he has chosen of five blog updates a week. I guess I am the stick to the carrot of self improvement. And I am a pointy, electric burning stick.

At first I was joking around but thinking that he would send 20$ or something. As to quote him “I find the idea of giving you money disgusting!” But checking out his blog @ the check is written with an amount that makes me want to half root for him to fail. 🙂

So this is what I would like from you all. If you like programing and related topics, please check out his blog. Help keep him on task, because my own greedy nature will kick in soon and I will try to get him to fail like no other. That is some phat loot right there! Think of all the emergency items I could buy with that cash.

Quick Berkey blurb:
The Berkey is a gravity feed water filtration system. Think of it as two 5 gallon buckets. But they look like those water jugs that most water fountains with the filtered water use. Any way the top “bucket” has 4 holes for up to four water filters. I only have 2 atm. These water filters are the main part of the system they are reusable just needing a good cleaning every so many gallons like around 3000. One of the nice things is you can buy extra filters and add them to speed up the your water putrefaction time. They also have another level of filtration that you can get (I did) that removes the fluoride and arsenic from the water. Aka poisons that every city in the US adds to the water.

The long and short is my wife will drink the water from the Berkey but she wouldn’t drink from the sink. She hated using the sink water to cook with and now we don’t have to. Since it is gravity feed and has a built in reserve tank a few days with out power or water is not a huge deal. Also I can gather almost any water and the Berkey will clean it out. So if the shit hits I could hit the local stream and still have clean good tasting water where others are using fuel to boil the water for safety and it might still taste/smell nasty.

6 thoughts on “The Challenge!

  1. While I got a kick out of “speed up your water putrefaction time” I suspect you meant “purification” as the other is pretty much the exact opposite lol (I mean, you might LIKE rotting bodies in your water, I dunno, but somehow I think not… *g*)

  2. Water seems easy to plan for compared to coffee beans. Where’s my next cup coming from, that’s what keeps me awake. 🙂

  3. I’ll try and help. I find I’m blogging less than I intend to be too..

    My excuse is that at 0200 in the morning.. there are now people on I still want to play with..

    Heh, decent trade.

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