Can I Keep my AC Up Enough?

Right now my AC is beholder resistant 59. Add in a shield wand I can boost it a bit more. And if I wanted to use Bark skin pots I could go higher with an unlocked HoGF and a few more with some AC bracers vs my Jidz. But that is about my cap. 4 or so more points, on my own. Short of totally changing my play style (which I could do) I don’t see a way to really move my AC up any more with the gear I have.

Keeping my Ac that high is costing me some good things.

Like a lot of HP. Right now I have about 370 hp. That is with out a Con or GFL item. So I am missing out on 75 hp, just because there is not room. Wearing my Icy means I am not using my amp/amp/guard DT robe. Wearing my DT would boost my amp to 200% Making Vamp strikes that would have healed for 1 heal for 2 points, 2 in to 4 and 3 into 6 per hit. Jerky would tick for 4 and the Jungle Cloak/Ham 10 points.

Hp and incoming “trickle healing” are not the only items missing. Before taking level 16 I have been using the lvl 12 Brawling Gloves so I have been down 2 possible Strength. I am 90% sure I have a full tear 3 level 16 pair to max my strength out again but the last few levels have been harder then necessary when it comes to stats. With so many slots used for AC items I don’t have room for basic stat items in every slot making it dangerous to use silver flame pots for big healing when needed.

Let alone swaps for umd gear.

So what do you think? Back to hp, amp and guards? Or do I stick it out through elite Gh and Abbott flagging quests? Do I mix some things up and net some more AC, at the cost of some dps? Do I make another Cannith crafted trinket, this time for Superior Devotion / +4 attack bonus? Maybe take the time when the Cove returns to make a AC hat for next life?

Comments go in the comment place.

2 thoughts on “Can I Keep my AC Up Enough?

  1. I went with only +4 str and no GFL last life, most deaths were due to something stupid on my part or DA.

    When we hit 18 and moved out of the vale I switched to guards.

    370 is plenty for 16, especially with AC.

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