The Returning Dead Continues

Over the last few days/weeks many of the older guard of the Defense Guild as returned. Micheal, Phlor, Evan, Tim to name a few.

Well last night in a Tod, Tobril and I where making gay jokes and whatnot. Generally trying to pump up the group with a little humor. I think that a group that can relax and have a good time can/will handle almost anything and win. And humor is normally a great way to get everyone on the same page and relaxed.

Any way as Tobril and I are joking, one of the raiders says “Is that Samius?” Which I reply not at the moment. Or something like that. Tobril says ”I payed that guy five dollars to ask you that, to make you feel good about yourself.” Which I thought was funny as hell at the time.

And tell began to fly. As the person begins to explain that we we in a guild together before the server merge. I let him know I have only been a member of DG. Which is not 100% true now that I think of it. I have alts in the Build Guild which I never play on…. We bounce around some more tells and he says his kid also plays and I would call him KY.

Mertan and Gor-baby!

Back when the DG first started we were a lot more open to guild invites. We weren’t worried about the Guild’s reputation then. Before guild renown, when we played with someone 2 or 3 days and we thought they were good players and they worked with the team well they were offered a guild invite.

This is how Crisis came to DG, as well as a lot of others.

Mertan, was (maybe is) a guild butterfly. Like Lessah I guess. He was part of the DG and the Halfling Commandos for sure and I think a few more. And is an alt-olic. And as his interests went from one thing to another he played his DG alts less and less. To the point where they were bank mules. At that point we had decided to do a culling. Everyone that hadn’t longed on in so many weeks got cut . Those people got a guild re-invite letter and an explanation in the mail and if they had an email on the guild web site a mailing also went out.

Mertan/Gorbadd were lost to us.

Well I guess he was just on other alts on in other guilds. It was good to run with him again. Got got up some on the families goings ons.

Now if Crisis or the Cousins log on, then it really will be a return of the dead.

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