Picking a the Right Ring

Why is it that the Tod Rings really don’t work for the class they are named for? Or maybe I am the only one that thinks so.

Tonight I have a Tod or two planed. At least one with Butterz and she is ringless. So is Samiusjr my 20 monk, who I would also like to ring up…. But lets talk about Butter and her rings.

There are 13 different Tod Rings. Each has a +6 modifier (str/dex/wis/int/chr) and a +1 exceptional bonus. With the exception of the wild mage ring which has an +1 exceptional bonus but to a randomly picked stat. Each ring is paired with a necklace or belt to form a set. Ideally each set has ties to a class/PRe combo. Some sets have bonuses just for wearing the set, others also require having a pre, others still have both non pre bonuses and pre bonus.

When choosing a ring or rings I look at all the different bits of having the ring and try to find one that matters so me.

Butterz is a bard, there are 3 bard rings all of them are very similar, and if every bard item didn’t come with +6 chr one of them would be very appealing. But as it is my BARD CLOAK is +6 chr +15 perform and my bard sword is +7 chr I don’t really need a +6 chr ring. They each have a component necklace to complete the set, and they are all the same. Superior Potency VI, Wizardry VI. Yep 3 different named items with the same powers. Boring.

Their set bonuses are not any better, 2 extra songs or 1 extra song and and extend spell costs 2 sp less or 1 extra song, extend spell costs 1 sp less and maximize spell cost 4 less. Oh boy. The exceptional +1s are to dex, dex or str. Well at least +1 to str can be helpful. And I guess if I wanting to use a different cloak my catch all chr item for weapon swaps one of the bard rings would be okay, but I am never going to want one of these set bonuses enough to wear one of these necklaces.

So lets jump to what I am looking for in a ring. +1 exceptional Chr. There are 5. 2 clr rings both are +6 wis and their set is for turning undead. And all of the Paladin rings also have exceptional chr and are +6 str the only set that is kinda helpful is the knight of the chalice, and that is 22 SR. I said kinda helpful.

If I look at the set bonuses for goodies, there is the
Occult Slayer: +2 Exceptional Bonus to Will saves, +2 Exceptional Bonus to Reflex saves, Spell Resistance (22)
Ravager: more damage.. but the most wanted set???
Kensai: +2 Exceptional Melee To-Hit, +3 Confirm Criticals
Shintao: +2 Exceptional Bonus to To-Hit and Damage., aka the othe most wanted ring.
Tempest and Deepwood Sniper: both have good sets but are nasty items.
Assassin: +2 to hit and +5 damage sneak attacks, I really like this one. But what am I getting over a pair of the cove gloves?
Mechanic: +2 Exceptional Bonus to all Dexterity based Skills, This is also helpful my traping skills can take any help they can get. But I am at 58ish once I make a +5-6 shroud items for skills how needed is it.

So I am going to say, What the !@#$. Guess I will look for any of the Pally rings and or the Kensai/Shintao rings. But if I get the Shintao ring I will need to wear the set most of the time or get shot from most of the player base. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Picking a the Right Ring

  1. I agree – I’m rather underwhelmed with the Bard sets. I would’ve liked one that increased DCs and/or had Exceptional CHA. Can you imagine one that sped up songs? And they definitely could’ve switched up the necklace effects some.

    Oremi’s set (Henshin monk) looks pretty decent – +1 Exceptional CON, +1d6 fire damage (presumably works with weapons) & extra damage to glancing blows (not listed in the set description, but the Wiki lists it on the item set page – do monks even *get* glancing blows? lol). The extra ki is probably not as useful to a bard as Concentration +15, but it’s possibly not as popular as Shintao and actually more average damage to enemies not immune to fire (well, assuming you hit without Shintao’s +2 to-hit!)

    Of the other sets listed, the Occult Slayer is probably the most appealing to my bard, but she already has a 19 SR shield.

    Really… yet again, bards get no dev love.

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