Butterz, Gear Talk

Those of you have have been keeping up already know, I am working on cleaning up and gearing up my Bard Butterzcotch for various end game functions. Mostly with little to no extra effort or grinding. However I would like to have a clear plan.

Now she has already taken on the task of our epic trapper. So far the only busted traps have been before I had any skill boosting gear. Oops. Since grinding out the blank for her Epic Utility Vest she hasn’t had an issue getting any trap.

What is also nice she already had a list of qualty gear ready to go like the Epic Elyd Edge and Light and Darkness and the Mad Lutes!

So moving some bound to account stuff around her is my basic, little to no grinding plan:

Helm: Epic Big Top (Missing a few things but have the shard and blank the rest should be easy)
Goggles: Magewright’s Spectacles (Swap Spot)
Neck: Nyoko’s Necklace
Trinket: Epic Treasure Hunter’s Spyglass (Swap Spot)
Armor: Epic Utility Vest (+2 Good Luck)
Cloak: Magewright’s Cloak (Set Bonus: Spell Focus Mastery +1, Magewright’s Quick Wits)
Bracers: Might become my CordOp(or Air)/Chr Skills slot + Swap for Ventilated Bracers or even Bracers of Wind as she runs the Challenges…
Belt: Epic Belt of the Mroranon (GFL)
Ring 1: Nyoko’s Band (Set Bonus: bonus to hit (+2 exceptional bonus to hit) and damage, 20% less threat) Slotted with +2 Chr or Con
Ring 2: I really don’t have a plan for it atm…
Boots: Cannith Boots of Propulsion (also swap)
Gloves: Tinker’s Gloves (open)

Anyway what am I missing? What would you change?

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