Epic Organization!

Last night I had hopes of massive xp in my sights. But there was a family emergency at my mother-in-laws place involving a dog and a bag of chocolate chips and my wife went to help force some stuff down the dog in hope of making it puke. As it is my wifes first double TR I don’t want to get ahead of her too much in the xp department. So I decided to do something else while she was out.

Before the hold changes my epics where done on Samius or SamiusBot. As my main, Samius got the job of holding and keeping track of everything he has many Large, Huge and Stubidly Large bags (Some from the store) so caring all my epic bits and none epic bits around was simple. And I could just do a quick name search and see what I had and what I didn’t. But now with Butterz making the runs I need a better way.

So I started moving all my non sand epic bits from Samius to Butterz. But having things spread out got me thinking I needed a better way.

And I thought “Well I have the time…” And began to fill out a spread sheet with all my bits and got my stuff listed and labeled. Hell I even added some color encoding to help speed me up when I am missing one part as well as seeing what shards I have at a glance as they are the hard part in my mind to get.

But as I got going, I started to notice I had a lot more things complete then I thought. For example, Von stuff. I have not only the shield ready for Sam’s final life. But I also have the Warding Bracers and the Belt of the Mroranon ready to go. If I can get the base item on the right alt.

Reviewing all this organization, I can also see I am a scroll light on a lot of sand items. Bramble Casters, Chaosblade, Storm, etc. Not to mention most of the House D epics either being done or mostly done. And a surprising amount of Chrono epics missing just one part also.

I will say taking the time to get a little more organized and seeing what I can or almost can make makes me a lot more excited about running the epics then I have ever been before.

3 thoughts on “Epic Organization!

  1. I use the packrat program to keep track of all my items. You must make screenies of all items…so that can be tedious.

    It can export to excel btw. Well…copy to clipboard actually. 😉

  2. I don’t have much epic stuff yet, but I try to organize things in large ingredients bags (not bound neither exclusive, gained with Twelve favor) that I can leave in the bank shared account and deposit/withdraw with every toon. Don’t know if it was the best way, but have worked well until now, even with green steel, alchemical, insanity, caudron, discs, sigils, essences …

  3. I have mentioned (or maybe seconded someones mention – can’t remember) in the forum about making ingredient bags work the way arrow bags do – so you can move ingredients up or down and organize them. For now I try and organize by bag (for example shroud gets its own bag etc).

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