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I got a case of the Friday afternoons. Meaning I am ready to be someplace else and want to be doing something else; like playing Ddo. But I am here at work, so the best I can do to escape is hit twitter and maybe do some trolling or write a bit of a blog post. So a bit of a tweet and Cauthey wants me to talk about public interactions.

So lets look at what we have according to Cauthey. Random buffing & /trade hawkers & bad /advice & flame wars. Wow that is a lot. Lets see what I can say about them.

Random Buffing: Haste, Jump, GH, Mass healing, etc: they all seem good to me. I know if I am on one of my divines I have a tendency to mass at bars or any time I feel like it. And my people that can drop haste do so a ton while running around town with no rhyme. So I think buffing is cool. I even sing the bard skill song to people while I am hanging out at the vendors.

/trade and /advice used for trade: Now have my private channels in my general tab. And I just leave the trade and advice in that main channel so I kinda watch them. But unless there is a killer deal or someone needing a bit of help like a swap for equal value; I just let it go. Although I will send a tell to any one I see swearing in those public channels and then report them depending on their reply. But private channels or party anything goes.

All in all I think the public interactions are good. You can even show off your smexy pet if your an arty. I like that, a little more personalization. And I love to do the naked dance while standing around.

Alright, there you go 2 mins on public chatter.


4 thoughts on “Public Chatter

  1. I’m ok with getting a random GH and a heal while standing in a tavern. It makes my repair bill cheaper and I don’t have to stand around waiting for my red bar to fill back up.

    Lately I’ve taken a liking to hanging out in the harbour while turning in my cookies and watching the General/Adive/Trade chats just to see what I can see. It’s another form of people watching.

  2. I too don’t mind the random buff.

    I really wish we all could have pets or at least be able to summon a monster in public-I’d like to have an ale with Bernie, my bearded devil summon. 🙂

    I have a hard enough time paying attention to party chat let alone be able to pay attention to general too.

    I do however keep and eagle eye out in gen chat when I’m coming up to an auction close.

    I sometimes have to guess if I am in a bidding war or the item owner is screwing with me.

  3. I stay in genchat unless I’m in a party and actively questing – I don’t use voice, and I screw up the /a /r /p tags way too often as it is lol But if I’m just hanging out or soloing, I’ll have genchat up (which means the default general/trade/advice chats). Never know when I’ll see something funny or a random amusing mistell or a question I can answer… and if I *can* answer a question, I usually will.

    I spent half an hour the other night standing at the top of the ramp in the Harbor randomly GHing and hasting and inspire competencing. Didn’t get a single “thanks,” which irked me. I also like to hang out in the taverns during Mabar or crystal Cove and randomly buff and sing.

  4. LrdSlvrhnd: Really? I am often VERY liberal with the buffing that I can offer, and am almost always thanked via tell or emote. Be it vendor buffing, or providing the crucial Risia jump buffs.

    The reason I suggested the topic is because there’s so much more activity in the Harbor around Risia. Which I dig. I like watching and cutting up in the General Chat channels.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Samius! 🙂

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