A Short Story about a Harry Dude

Last night content with some simple xp grinding after taping a new CtH. I was all ready to run IQ elites down to normals. Until I was ready for bed. After the drinks I had, to tape a good Christmas show, I was already tired. But bonus xp.

So our group gets together, makes the wife (with her fresh buffs) wait while we all rebuff. Much to her distress which tickled me slightly; as she is always telling me off for not waiting for her to get her buffs. But when the shoe was on the other foot I needed to hurry up for her. 🙂

So as we are about to start Eye of the Titan Tobril or Fopo start talking about their plans to do some raids. And how some other guildies were throwing/in the middle of a hound. Which started a wonderful lets shroud commentary from the wife. But after some calm and totally logical logic from my well and buzzed self we did Eye. And the next two IQ quests while we waited for the others.

I would have racked out but everyone was ready to shroud now and I thought, I don’t need that extra 20 mins of sleep. Parts 1 through 3 were good. If you have never been in a shroud group with Tobril and I in the same party you are either missing a real treat or you will want to /squelch use both.

We tear along until part 4, and we lose the Arty due to the new heat seeker blades. But we move in fine. If we could have stayed in through the blades it would have be about ¾ of a round. Harry was way below half when I did a back flip over the blades and emptied a many shot for no real damage (a little force and elec) in to him. I forgot to refill my quiver when I upgraded it to the new super version. Keep that in mind if you go to upgrade your quiver. You will loose your arrows. So I didn’t have any silver arrows, and due to an error on my part my lig2 is not good. In hind sight I should have gotten my Bow of Sinew silvered….. Damn. Slow drunk brain.

So anyway round 1, the wife goes “Where is the healing?” About the time I notice I was at like 30 hp and then caught the fill up. But she doesn’t about that time it was time to pull out and I notice she was at one hp. I try to use my clr past life feat on her. But it was empty as I didn’t shrine yet. Swap to my heal scrolls and fire one off but I am madstoned. She took care of herself with her own heal scroll. In the next round Fopo goes down, along with a 3rd person, I drop to -7 but get a heal before Harry could finish me. And he goes down in quick order.

Rez up and move on.

Part 5 I take the fire and get it pointed away from the group as they start killing off mini bosses. Another monk comes over and works on killing the Fire as I start buffing. Having missed the masses and what not. We went into the Harry fight almost right away. Think with the healers being slightly questionable I would have waited until I heard they were ready but I am game.

We loose 2 or 3 people almost right way. The people healing just weren’t ready. I have my Past life Clr clikies to thank for keeping me up. Took the clr past life at 18, I am getting about 80 per hit with my amp. Can go fire + jidz for around 110. Cure pots are about 50.

We loose a few more, but Tobril, a random and I are keeping Harry in place. But I forgot to swap my boots and become angry and pots for 50 and random heals were not cutting it. With the healing only so so at best I dropped with Harry at a sliver. Giving him a hole to run out of, and both Clrs died in short order, as he beelined to them. Tobril shout that he was staying in to finish it I yelled back there are no heals left alive. The wife fired off a manyshot; I think finishing Harry off.

It was good times. I started yelling out time remaining on my 20% xp pot as I was still a soul stone. 40 secs. 30. 20. the wife said F it and hit it for me. Thanks babe. That was the only pot I have ever know to work the xp to the wire. For me the last 5-10 mins are normally wasted.

That final fight took a hair longer then needed with people dieing and/or handling their own heals. But good times.

2 thoughts on “A Short Story about a Harry Dude

  1. Definitely always wait for the divines to be ready.

    Mind you, I only make use of them when I (stupidly) decide to tank dragons. Better to tank them and suffer than let them chase around everyone else, figures moi… forgetting that self-healing means I’m not doing damage…

    Anyway, that was a hairy situation and bravo on having scraped by! The worst I’ve ever been in was when during part 4 only healer bard, 2 divines and 1 arcane were left alive. And they rocked all by their lonesomes.

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