Airship Buffs Make the Game Too Easy?

I follow Coldin Torrence (@ColdinT) on twitter. He is a fellow Ddo player and ocasionaly asks a good question or makes a statement that gets me rolling. Most of the time I put him in the kid pile and hope the world doesn’t wake him up too hard. But early this morning, or at least I am showing it as 3am my time. He tweets the following:

“Question for my DDO players. If Turbine got rid of ship buffs, but made quests easier in return, would you be okay with that?”

I like to reply to these kind of questions here where I have a little more room and comments can be left for everyone to see.

First of all there are people out there that think that Ddo is too hard and some that think it is too easy. Me I fall in the just right group as I think the majority of players do. If you fall into one of the extreme groups you can do things to help you.

If things are too easy there are play options that you can use to make it harder. Permadeath comes to mind first, but you could also only do hard or harder content only. Try to keep your quest level 1 or 2 levels above you, etc.

To hard? You can do normal or casual questing, Get in a good static group to learn the game/content better. Or play content a level or two under level.

Now there is also a group of people that feel that ship buffs are a crutch. To those people I say “Stop using them” If you don’t like it you can choose not to use them.

Limiting everyone’s options because you/ or a group of people think something is too good is BS. There are people that think casters are to good. I think that monk/rangers are super good right now. So lets start cutting out what someone thinks is too good until everything is the same for everything and everyone. Welcome to the Socialism and Dragons online.

Wait no. Dragons are uber we can’t have that. We would have to even out the mobs too, you know because we are all the same so the mobs should be too. A few changes and we are Socialism and Kobolds online. Were no one can be better then anyone else and all you do is sit and watch your alt roll thru the quest. You can’t even push buttons. Because you might push buttons better then someone else.

No thanks.

But Sam it is just a game. You are taking things a little far.

Am I?

People left the game because some mobs had an AC they couldn’t handle. So things get changed say if you miss by little then you still get some damage, glancing blows.

No! Fack you, NO! If you miss, then by God you miss. You don’t see a NFL game assign points for getting close to the end zone. You don’t win the lottery for having 4 out 5 numbers. You don’t do damage if you miss the mob. No!

What Coldin is asking is: If take away the option for your guild to work hard and level up and then pay for buffs, but the quests are 30% easier for everyone would that be cool? Its more fair for the ones that don’t have buffs or the people that don’t want to work for the rewards.

You have to draw the line hard and fast when it comes to limiting someone else’s options. You start saying sure, sure that doesn’t effect me that is fine. You can take the +2 buff shrines form those high level guilds. My guild is level 30, what do I care. Then it is the Amp chick. Cool I am not an amp build. And then they want to take something you do like and care about and there is now one to say no with you.

Sorry bud, your question is full of fail.

Agree or disagree, use the comments.

5 thoughts on “Airship Buffs Make the Game Too Easy?

  1. Agree. There are already enuff options to ease up the challenge to see the content. For example, ive completed two of the SoS flagging quests on Casual with a hireling…very scary since a wipe means re-roll for me. Reducing the high end challenge options only hurts the high end power gamer portion of our player base…who comprise a huge portion of those whose subs and purchases keep our game running. Selfishly i should be a bit disappointed by the recent toughening of shroud for example. As primarily a Permadeath player, risk-reward for going into part 4/5 means it will be a while…if ever…before the Sublime attempts to go past part 3 again. I missed the last 2 times. I’ve NEVER been in part 4 or 5. I may never see it. But that’s OK with me. It was a BIG deal to us when Sublime completed its first Shroud. It will be an even bigger deal in the future if we ever do so again. That’s one of the main things I like about the game. Always another level of challenge to which to aspire, while having enough fun stuff to do when not wanting to push the bleeding edge of your character’s/party’s/guild’s limits.

  2. First they came for the Silver Flame Priest,
    and I didn’t speak out because it didn’t work.

    Then they came for the Scholar of the Twelve,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a caster.

    Then they came for the House D Defender,
    and I didn’t speak out because AC is broken and DR doesn’t stack.

    Then they came for the House J Healer,
    and I said ‘hey, waitasec, that one’s actually useful…’ but there was no one left to cry out on the forums.

    -with apologies to Martin Niemoller

  3. I would tend to agree except for two words: power creep. When ship buffs and related items (like epic weapons, maybe) become the norm, the players who use them start crying that the game is too easy and needs to be more challenging. Then the devs tweak the difficulty to make the quests harder, which is fine for the people who twink out. But for the people who already follow your advice and don’t use the “easy button”, it takes a game that is “just right” and pushes it into the “way too hard” category. We’ve seen this happening with the last couple of updates.

    If they didn’t keep rebalancing the game around the twinks, I’d be right on board with ya.

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