I Need to Post; So I Can Get Back to Work.

I write these posts at work. They are my version of a smoke break. I go “okay lets get this idea out of my head” with the idea that I can focus on where my brain is suppose to be. Today I am needed on a repetitive task but one that takes a fair bit of concentration. Which is made unnecessarily more difficult by having 4 or 5 different Ddo related ideas floating around in my head. And what is worse is when I stop and try to take a collection those random thoughts and form them in to a complete thought and into digitals word, but they turn out to not be finished.

Grrr, so if the following is a little less then the norm, try to deal. 🙂

Turbine threw me a curve ball yesterday when they announced bonus xp days. Including many days I have already taken off work. And some while Tobril is back for Christmas. There might be some long benders happening soon.

With Samius at rank 91/92 I start to think about what is next. He should be capped out by the end of the week with just my normal play. Meaning there is bonus xp out there for the taking and I have to take advantage of that.

I could work on bard build I have loosely labeled as “side project”. But as I am still kicking around different ideas as to how to build it that is not practical.

I could level one of the alts sitting at 17 from the pre 20 level cap days. But if they were enjoyable enough I would have capped them already right?

No the answer is Sam I think. Unless something thing punches me in the face. I know that Fopo is planing to go again when I am ready. Think he has his bard life on tap, and the wife wants to take her crafter and go arty. So 2 support/ off dsp party members. Guess I need to be a cold hearted killer. It is not like they wont be able to handle themselves on Hard and Normal more then fine. But some Elites just don’t lend themselves to being soloed or short maned.

I will have to think about it. Maybe it is time to level up something totally out of the blue. Hope to have the answers soon.

One thought on “I Need to Post; So I Can Get Back to Work.

  1. At such moments I find random searches and readings through the forums to be very inspirational. 🙂

    Good luck!

    (And I didn’t know about this extra XP days, o.O… I guess my cleric will level up faster than I thought!)

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