The best TRing Gear

What do you think is the best item to have in your Tr bank post being reborn?

Green Steel Weapons/Accessories: I love them. Level 11 and 12 are huge when it comes to gear. Thanks mainly do to the ease and power they grant at such a low level. But no.

Titan Raid/ Von loot: There are some real gems here. Sword of Shadow, Kundarak Delving Boots, Stonemeld Plate Armor are just a few from Von. Belt of Brute Strength, Chattering Ring, Gyroscopic Boots of Striding, Jungle Cloak all wonderful raid items and I need another Jungle Cloak But no.

Dragon touched? Nope

Some Cannith crafted super twink item… Well maybe. Those robes of invulnerability with guild slots are sweet. But not what I am thinking.

A sweet bound to account bad ass weapon that you added icy burst? Like a level 2 +1 holy Icy burst great sword or a +1 icy burst keen falchon? Also very close. But no.

There are loads of other great raids out there. All with great loot but one now stands apart from every other item in ddo.

The upgraded Quiver of Alacrity! Yep a quiver. This bad boy was uber enough when it was just a huge quiver with Ranged Alacrity and no level. But upgrade this beast with a Seal of the Black Abbot and it gains 30% striding. The level remains unchanged.

It is now the best item in the game. I firmly believe that. Don’t get me wrong, it is not going to win the game alone. It is not like you can just walk through a dungeon unharmed while wearing it. It is not an easy button. But it is going to be wanted by almost everyone. And the fact that it can be used from level 1 to cap and back again is fairly sweet.

Lots of the other Abbot/Reaver loot got an upgrade. I am really pleased with the new Shroud of the Abbot. I don’t think it changed a lot. It only gained Improved Light Resistance. It is now one of the few items in the game that help with light rays. Now it was not a huge help in the elite Running with the Devils we did over the weekend 20 from 80 is still 60 and 60 times 100 is still dead. But it helped a lot on the normal and hard runs. If you have an old one it can be upgraded to the new version for a few taps at the same alter where you do the main upgrades. Looks like Breeze might have a place with dex builds now also. But be careful Looks like the new Enduring Conviction looses Banishing, a down grade for sure.

I am hoping to take my really old Dream Splitter and make it the new version so I can take that old BtC one and add Suppressed Power to make it Holy and change it to BtA! Adding Force burst is gravy!

Don’t agree use the comments to tell me what I missed.

2 thoughts on “The best TRing Gear

  1. I totally agree about the quiver. The only warning I can offer is: “Be careful how much ammo you keep in there! You *can* encumber a barbarian with it!” (Yes, I have done this. 😀 )

    The new Unwavering Ardency is pretty sweet for an archer. It’s now Base 2d6 damage, with the crit profile of the Silver Longbow *and* a burst effect.

    Also, +2/+4 Attack Goggles + the Anger’s set… DAMN! (Yes, they *stack*!)

    The Stoneskin guard Pirate trinket is an awesome piece of twink gear as well. I still wear it on my monk at level 17. Non-dispelable stoneskin at level 4 is incredibly potent.

    If you’re any kind of martial arts build: The Stonedust handwraps are absolutely great from levels 10(Vanilla)-17(Vampiric).

    It will be interesting to see what will change when the reaver loot gets it’s proper upgrades. I can totally see benefits to the new Ventilated Braciers and Ring of Lies.

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