Lost or Pikeing?

Your attention, please. The story you are about to see (hm read ) is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I want to share with you all my latest adventure while running Elite Coalescence Chamber.

There are 3 of us at first and we work on cleaning that first ambush. Samuel, the Spouse and Fopa. See totally different. 🙂

Any way we are just about done when Toebreel logs on and joins us on our marry way. Things are going well, good progress is being made. I almost forgot that Samuel and the Spouse got left behind at one point just before the shrine waiting for a nasty trap on a door to be disabled. And there was much teasing of how the door wasn’t trapped. However, it was indeed.

We are just past the shrine on the first run up and Fopa’s hireling decides to heal Toebreel and not Fopa for like one second. And Boom! Fopa becomes a soul stone. Crushed; Fopa’s hireling hurls herself on to the blades of the mobs and joins Fopa. I guess a rez never crossed her mind. Due to the rage and sadness I am sure.

So rezes are thrown and we are off again. We get to the top and we claim the key to the bottom room. Samuel and the Spouse jump down using their bows to hurt the now respawned mobs. Stopping their decent to beat them to death when a few arrows fail to drop the stinky trogs.

But the path gets cleared to make the return run faster, it is elite after all. A red skull could be bad.

Samuel and the Spouse enter the first locked door and disposing of Frokke and taking his key. And move up to the next locked door. While looting a bag just left on by a wonderful little fire a Gelatinous Cube falls from the ceiling. Forcing Samuel and the Spouse to apply their made archery skills to slay the nasty thing. Suddenly the alert jumps from none to red. Splitting focus the couple divides their attention. Samuel stays on the cube while the Spouse tries to keep the bats down. But Samuel focused on his dance with the cube forgets his own health and a stray bat or two drop him to -2. Not a worry as he has a fairly good AC and dr as well as a jerky ticking, but it gives him a second to ponder. “Where are Toebreel and Fopa?” He asks over the mic, and two replies come in: “Lost you, waiting at the top” and “Top, lost you, Ice cream”. /facepalm

Any how Samuel and the Spouse wrap up the cube and the ambush, you know the not skip able one with like 97 displaced dispelling casters. Good times. A jog back to the first tunnel and a air jet ride back to the top cuts out a lot of not important area of the quest. Open the final door clear the room as a ful party for the first time in a while. A total of 59 mins in quest, meaning not only did the quest take way to long for the xp, missing out on drinking an xp pot before the end. But the ship buffs expired just as the end fight was raging.

Now both of these men can and have soloed said quest. Is “Lost You” a valid reason not to be with the party? Or where they piking with out the courtesy of letting any one know. And what were they doing to spike the Alert?

I can’t wait for Dust now. I plan on running back to the water at some point putting on an underwater action item and watching a show. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Lost or Pikeing?

  1. When I get lost, I say it… or type it. I would never just sit in a corner unless people were like “we have stuff to deal with, sit there and we’ll get you soon”.

    They were piking. 😛 Shamelessly.

  2. I always get lost in CC. But I did at one time save a run when most died at the ambush. My Wiz8/Ftr10 build was versatile enough to buff, heal and grab stones. Used the ddowiki to find my way back to the shrine and get everyone up. 😛

    Still got lost last week though…guess some quests are just…like that.

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