Bard Thoughts

So after talking with my peeps and looking at the feed back I am inclined to go Bard for that end game alt. Many of them also suggested I get over my not wanting to heal and use one of my divines. And like I told them, “I don’t ❤ you enough to heal your BS. At least not full time.”

The general consensus was Divines almost always make the cut, but who wants that? Melee would almost always be taken, but there is a level of gear needed to be in the top tear. Arcane well that is why I am working on Samius. That leaves Art and Bard. Yes I put the rogue in the melee pile, don’t like it bite me.

And once I went over the gear I already have on my bard the choice was clear. Butterz will be burned next. Maybe even as I level Sam. The wife wants to turn her crafting alt in to an Arty not because she liked it but because she wants the crafting help. Can’t say I blame her.

But what might happen is they become side projects for times when we don’t want to get ahead of our fellow Trs. But more likely it will become a main focus about the time Sam caps out this life.

So lets jump to my actual thoughts on a bard build.

I like the Virtuoso, I lot of people don’t. But I love me some Enthrallment and the Sustaining Song. But the way Sustaining Song is coded is kinda not helpful. It becomes the top level regen effect song no matter what. So if you sing it and then say another bard sings Spellsong Vigor your Sustaining Song still wins over the newer Spellsong Vigor. If they adjusted the code so that both songs could be used at the same time or the newest one was the dominant song I think it would fix a lot hate that seems to go around with Virtuosos. I do feel that they are the best solo bard. Although the Warchanter is also very tough.

In light of that huge wall of text above I will be doing a Spellsinger bard. Remember I want the always loved/wanted bard so I have to pass on the Virtuoso, at least for now.

For race I am thinking Helf. I know human is slightly more optimal but Butterz is female and I am tired of big butts atm. I can too pick a race on the size of their bum. Watch me! Being a Helf opens up the Dilettante feats and for this life I am leaning towards the Paladin one. Charisma bonus to saves up to +5 with the AP line. And it opens up gaining Longbow Prof. via AP. Again not super but it is something to think about. Arty and Barb are the only other ones to consider. A small boost to Umd/caster level with scrolls, pots (Guess haste pots would be an little longer) and wands, But takes 13+ Int to be good. Barb is HP and a little DR but doesn’t take and extra stat work.

Here is the other other thing to keep in mind as a Helf it is possible to go EAA (elven arcane archer) + spellsinger and some of the prereqs can be a twofer like Mental Toughness. Down side is EAA also takes 2 more of her already tight feats. And being able to hit with the bow would involve putting some points in to Dex and not having bow strength and a good str makes bow damage so so at best. I will have to think about it.

Comment and what not below.

3 thoughts on “Bard Thoughts

  1. well,i have others needing tr besides sin. since ur bard would be a second lifer, could take my rogue to arty. don’t really want to do sin’s bard without the train.

  2. LOLz @ the divine comments.
    Playing what other people see as “support” classes is a bit of a pain. I see red whenever I read the forums about artificers :P.
    But I have found that I love divines for myself… most I don’t play as healers tbh. They’re fun to solo with (TWF FvS = amazing; monk/FvS = so much fun!) and I love their survivability. I still haven’t managed to get up the courage to make an evoker FvS from start… the lack of melee is terrifying :P. But my current cleric project is giving me confidence!

    Nonetheless, bard sounds like something you enjoy and that’s key.
    And nobody assumes you can be main healer… haha, our poor bard the other night had to keep reminding us that she’s a main healer (she kicked serious behind, wowza)… because everyone assumed the 2 FvS were healers, not the bard.

    The worse class to play in terms of griefing is FvS. You can’t win, I tell you that.

    I’d love to see what the build will look like since I have zero clue about bards.

  3. I have/had a bard like this. Shuffled him around a few times before totally messing him around. The Ref 34 around level 12 is nice though. AA and spellsinger is cool too.

    I dropped leveling him as a bard because it is my main crafter and I want to go the Human Arti route before Xmas. I took ranger levels instead (gonna cap at ran 10, bard 8, rog 2) because of the past life ranger ranged damage.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that AA combines well and saves do too with dilletante. Just might get short on feats if you go totally bard. Get Bow Str and Rapid Shot for free for 2 Ranger Levels. 😛

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