A Little About My Favorite Topic, ME

So I have been getting some feed back over the last few weeks that lead me to believe that atleast some of you, the readers, don’t know who I am or what I do. So I want to give you a min biography.

I am/was one of the co hosts on Ddo Cocktail hour, I like to think of it as that first 15 mins of Live but an hour long and with Ddo as a central topic. There were guests sometimes and sometimes not. We have stopped making new episodes but they hold up well and I think most people would agree at least moderately funny.

I also do/did a segment on DdoCast called Sound Concepts. It kinda got left behind when Lessah and I started CTH but I still come on as a guest any time SigAnne asks.

I do a kind of Dear Samius service. Where I answer peoples questions about builds or most anything Ddo related. You can PM me or send an email to samius@ddococktailhour.com

I am known as Samius the Fat Halfling, and my main is Samius Gurobo of Sarlona. I am a wizard at heart, in fact I have leveled a total of 1 sorc past level 4 and that was Samius when I did the sorc life on my competitionest train. And while I don’t hate the end game I enjoy the leveling process the most. Getting new abilities, and always running different content even if it is the same over all 190 quests.

I used to pug all the time, but over the years bad pugs have gotten to me and I moved to more and more of a short man/channel group player. That doesn’t mean I never pug. Because if I know names in the group I often am willing to give the group a try. But I find that failed runs leave a bad taste in my mouth and it takes awhile to be willing to try again.

Other then Casters and giving advice (wanted or not) one thing I like to think I am known for is taking classes and twisting them into roles most people don’t think that class can do. Like a wizard or bard tank or a ranged focused monk. The build I ❤ best is the 18/2 wiz rog necro focused guy but right now I am loving my Bowonk build.

I also am super fascinated with movies, tv shows, books and general prepping; so there are plenty of non-DDO related topics from time to time but most days you can find a Ddo related topic here. I also try to post 5 times a week, Monday – Friday. With rare double post on days if and when I feel like it.

Well I hope we are all acquainted now. So send in your topic requests please leave comments and or hit the little ranking system so I can get a feel for what it is you want to hear about and I will have something for new for you tomorrow.


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