End Game Thoughts

I have a lot of capped alts. And while my game at the moment is gaining competitionest for Samius. I do on occasion feel like doing some end game content. Mainly when guildies or channel peeps are looking for people to fill groups.

So my capped line up is Java (currently a FvS) who I made with the idea of having an end game ready alt. And to be fair, for the effort I put into him; he is super tough with a lot of room to grow gear wise at least. But he has healing spells and therefor is only good to healbot to many people. So he lives in the for friends and soloing only pile. Along with my 3, yes 3 other divine casters. But if people can life until I mass on myself then by all means he can “heal” your group.

I have 2 standby arcanes capped and willing to do something. But their Dcs are kinda low, not having a ton of super gear. Although Samiusbot could be properly equipped and become a fairly solid caster for a first lifer. But then I would loose my main bank alt…

Want I want is an alt that has a place in most end game content, requiring little to no extra gear grinding.

So I am thinking about TRing my bard, Butterzcotch. She already as some of the important gear. Mainly an Epic Elyd Edge and the Mad Lutes. She has some other helpful (raid) gear but nothing super wonderful.

So I am thinking of taking her and doing a 2nd life TR with her. Also it wouldn’t suck to really max her haggle on the way. She would always be welcome in raids that don’t have a bard; would only take a little work to fine tune and can sit on her laurels for long periods of time.

The other way I can go is SamiusJR. My first monk alt. He is not capped. Think he is around level 15. So he is about a week of work from cap. Less if I get him in a good groove. Like if I took the next life off and leveled up an arty and him switching on and off as needed for xp. He currently doesn’t have a ton of gear. But I have epic sets of things sitting and waiting for someone to use them and he could take advantage of a lot of those items. Not to mention Tobril might have already done all the hard leg work with his Tennie Tiny build. Just a thought.

So what do you think? One of these two? Cap a different build? Take one of my 20s waiting for a TR and do something with them?

I am open to ideas.

2 thoughts on “End Game Thoughts

  1. Are any of those arcanes wizards?
    If so, TR one of them, a second life enchant necro wizard can achieve nice DC due to the wizard past life (the passive and then the taken feat).
    Necro wizards also have the option to tank the shadows with cold resistance gear which makes a good necro wizard very welcomed. And assuming willingness, it doesn’t require maxed out cold resistance items, can be managed with a few good items. Needs conc-opp and torc though. Of course, this does not cover LotB and MA, but in LotB the hardest jobs are the tank (I’m building one of those, holy smokes the gear list!) – AC tank doesn’t quite do it – and the healers.

    Monk… not sure still where they fit in, any good monk I know has some serious serious gear, and some of them still prefer their wizards for end-game content. Necro wizards also make it easier to grind items… they can easily scroll farm. They’re a pain up until level 12, some say even up to level 18 (some people I know level as archmage and then swap at level 18 to necro by redoing all the enhancements – and maybe a feat swap or two).

    Bards nowadays are expected to off-heal so just being a buff bot in the corner may not cut it for the level 19-20 end-game content and epics. With haggle up, should not be as costly to have stacks of heal scrolls … but just saying.

    You can also turn one of your divines into an epic capable healer. Some raids nowadays are more about heal scrolling a tank in between timers, so not sure how hard it is to be an end-game successful healer. But I hear it’s resource intensive.

    Whatever you decide, good luck :).

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