So yesterday I went home sick after about 2 hours of work. Don’t think I would have gone in at all if I didn’t have a meeting I have been trying to put together for about a week. Including getting some British coworkers on the phone before they took of for the day.

Long story short, I went home and zoned out completely watching a Dirty Jobs marathon and trying not to visit the restroom too often.

A round 4, I started to feel a little bit alive and wondered over to my computer. Have you ever tried playing when you think your head is floating 2 feet above your neck? Very strange, but somewhat doable.

I was able to run the last Litany runs I needed this life to drain that last xp from it. Including two normal runs, a hard and a casual. All runs to bosses, no named loot for any of the 10 or 12 runs at least 7 of those runs with 4 people in the group. That drop rate might be a little off guys…

I decided to level to 17 taking monk level 9. I didn’t have all the prereqs for touch of death. The Ap are there sooner or later. But I think I am going to reset and see if I can’t make it fit now. I went ahead took all the available Elven Archer line. Including Terror Arrows. That was an error. They are kinda shitty. I did use them to fair effect when playing in the vale with a paralyzing bow. But they are not worth the AP right now when I also want the bad Touch.

I had just talked the wife into two manning some quests when I decided to bail and hit the couch again. I found it super funny later, she didn’t.

A few hours later I got back on, gathered the forces led them to their deaths. Reformed and tried again. And we were on the win train. At least until I was cooked. Took all I had left to watch Storagewars before crashing by 930.

Did I say I am a really bad sick person? Well you know you ❤ me, sick or not.

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