Bowonk: Play Update

Most of the TR group leveled to 16 over the weekend. There was some good time had and some not so good times. But all in all we are moving along well. But I want to talk about the last few levels of play on my bowonk and kinda give a little run down. My split is now 8/6/2 monk/ranger/fighter.

I have been doing the AC thing for the last few levels. All decked out for AC I can now kick it into the mid 50s; 56, 57. I normally let it hover in the 53 range and that seams to work well for the most part. Add in the ninja spy’s Shadow Fade as often as possible and damage intake is not bad.

In the places where it can be tough I am up to enough healing amp that my jungle cloak hits for more then 12, my jerky for 4 and my lesser vamp wraps for 2. Yes Tobril, some place over 200-250% even lesser gets bumped you were right. Makes me wonder if the Vamp stonedust wraps are different then the kamas from Mindsunder….

So amp + Ac normally equals no damage. But at 8 in earth with jidz I am 2d6 with my fists and greater two weapon. So not bad. Many shot and 10KS are earning their keep. But the big winner is Improved Precise Shot. All that practice with Lighting bolt, getting it to hit 2+ guys at a time is really paying off here. I haven’t gotten any complaints about my ranged combat. I think it is mostly because I don’t kite often. I can stand and take it. And most mobs don’t live real long with a Manyshot followed up with 10KS.

Most weaknesses can be shored up with temporary gear swaps. I had made a pair of GS goggles Air/Air for the haste clicky. I had intended to make them 30 Elc resistance, for another undispellable resistance. But made and error and made them +5 reflex saves. Turns out on elite those + GoGF, HG and want not I still fall enough to piss me off. All boosted up my reflex is 36+, but I will be damned if those 1s wont kill me just as dead as if it was 0. Next level I get Improved Evasion, think that will help a lot.

All in all I really like how the bowonk is handling. The main issue is that there are so many options at any given time it can be a little over whelming. But I like that. 😉

One thought on “Bowonk: Play Update

  1. I was taking a look at a fighter/ranger/monk build. They look very enticing! (I’m not made to handle a mainly monk build, the stances thing remind me of button smashing arcade games)

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