Self Defense

I was going to try and write something new about how in game relationships can lead to out side of game relationships. The good and the bad. But I had a shitty day, and I don’t feel like rehashing that topic. Long story short, friends are good, romantic friends are good as long as they are not hurting real life relationships.

What I do want to talk briefly goes bad to a being prepared to handle an emergency. I keep one eye on the my different news feeds while working. And today I noticed that there was a real emergency developing at Virginia Tech. There was a possible gun man loose and at least one person was shot maybe dead.

I watched the story unfold on Twitter and indeed there was a police officer shot and killed while on duty. And the shooter had taken off on foot.

The story is still making is way out. I am sure by the time you read it hear it will be old information.

My point is that emergencies can happen any place at any time with varying degrees of danger. And we should try to be somewhat ready. And defending yourself and loved ones should be at the top of your list.

I want to point out that one Mr. Alex Haddox has written a book Practical Home Security: A Guide to Safer Urban Living. You can get a physical copy and a digital copy. I would say pick up a copy and give it a good read. Hopefully with his help you can nip a few possible emergencies in the bud before they become actual emergencies.

But if nothing else please keep in mind that bad things can happen at any time. Hey look at the weather today over in Scotland. While you remember a fallen officer that died in the line of duty.

3 thoughts on “Self Defense

  1. Problem: Someone tries to hurt someone in my family

    Solution: Everyone in my family owns a gun or machette or both. =] Im safe!

  2. If I had the ability to shoot fireballs, I’d never have to worry!

    Instead, I have a few bats and sharp instruments… can’t own a gun in Canada.

  3. I keep swords. And in a pinch, I certainly wouldn’t mind ending up on the front page of the paper for defending my home.

    Sorry about the shitty day, Samius. Seems like some of those keeping “going around.”

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