Murder by Party Members.

So last night the TR group logged on and got their shit together and ran some quests. Namely the Lordsmarch and Attack on Stormreach chains. Assuming you can put one and one together you might have figured out that there was either friendly fire murder, or threat of murder.

I don’t mind being the target of a little fun, if I have already had a mistake and found myself a little more ghostly then I normally like. But if I am rocking my ship buffs, mainly the xp bonus I don’t want to be made dead by my team mates.

So any way we had a few deaths, last night. The first I want to say was mine. I was eating dinner in Summerfeild as high up as I could get with auto attack on and my bow out. Need less to say, some guy I shot in the bum didn’t die and ran up behind me just as the wife asked me about 100 questions about Christmas. My focus shifted between finishing my dinner and answering her and that one guy ran up behind me and stab me in the guts, a lot.

I know that is not the kind of party member death you would expect but that was the first “friendly” death.

After that we took a swim in the harbor our brave leader said something about splitting up. I said as long as I get a shot at the chests (guild xp, crafting essences as well as the area crafting bits) and we clear the optionals sounds fine. The wife and I go to the south most boat to handle the named ogre captain. After a 10kS salvo and about 10 secs of Manyshot he was at 50% then every shot started to miss. I click the attack boost button, Miss Miss Miss Miss…. Okay? Look to check the buffs, and red skulled. Oh that would explain it. 😦 The wife and I play fox and the rabbit. Letting one get agro until needed break off and heal or the other pulled agro off. It is good to be a ninga! We managed to kill the captain off and in short order lower the alert. Next thing I know Fo is on board letting us know he has wired the middle ship and the last ship has 4 mins left on its timer.

Heading to the middle ship to get the named I learn that I am alone. The captain of this ship and I are in an epic battle with both of us at about 50% when jokes about just blowing the last ship starts to ring out.

Wait I am on the last boat!

After a few more jokes get made and someone points out that there was already a death, I bug the hell out. Fo has no problems killing me off for a joke, and they sounded like they might enjoy the giggles. Lets just say I made it off the boat alive. But the explosion warmed my back side some.

Undermine was the normal attempted murderfest. With people calling out false timer mishaps. Which I really had, when I called mine out. Or people moving past optionals while I set bombs to open the way, cutting of the “path of retreat”. What ever that is…

Towards the end there was an attempt made while everyone was waiting for the path of the final boss to open. And the wife got taken out by someone while looting her chest right at the end.

Playing with the bombs can be fun when everyone is playing. But if you take out someone that is not playing along it is not fun times. 😦

Anyway I had a good time and plan farm them some more.

2 thoughts on “Murder by Party Members.

  1. I farm Attack on Stormreach quests for certain loot, they are fun!
    I mostly go alone or with 1-2 other people, I’m way above the level of the quest.

  2. I don’t really like splitting up for Blockade Buster… I think it actually slows the quest down. Everybody’s going to want to hit the other boats for chests anyway, and now instead of an entire party tearing through one boat, you’ve got just 1-2 people on each boat. Automatically, it’s going to take longer to kill the mobs and oh look now we have a bunch of dungeon alert which makes ’em tougher and slows things down even MORE. I mean, if you’ve got a bunch of L20s farming normal for marks (or just the completion), that’s one thing… but a group of at-level or near-level characters is another thing entirely.

    Doing Undermine once, one of the party members decided to pull a prank on the party leader by mining the endchest… the leader noticed what he was doing and stayed back, while the REST of us got caught in the blast.

    Although I was really wishing I had some of those mines in a Delirium PUG the other night… would’ve loved to have blown up one of the members.

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