Low Batteries

I had a different intro, but it came across as whiny and not quite what I was going for. So instead let me say I from Thursday night until Sunday about 6pm my time I was on a terror. And my go go batteries are mostly tapped out. Thankfully I was able to log on and do some mindless mob killing / xp farming in the vale and that got me going enough to get some real play in.

I think everyone knows that I dig using the explores for just this kind of thing. And I think most of you know that I am enjoying the ranged options that the bowonk is offering(to the point of ranging only for whole quests). After about 30-40 mins of just chillin killing with my lig2 or the paralyzer of PG, I started to feel human again.

After my time in the explores ranging lately I can see why so many people like them. They are claming.

As I was saying, I was feeling human enough to want to help a Fopo with a quest. I guess the main boss at the end can be quite a pain. But between Fo and I (10KS and Manyshot) the fight only lasted about 50 seconds.

Let me tell you Mummies don’t have an issue with Acid or Lightning but Force of Disruption tears them up. : )

Afterwards is dawned on me that we are level 14 now meaning Attack on Stormreach is up. And I love that chain. And we ran that first one in the chain 2 or 3 times.

So all in all it was a fair night of play before logging to watch Dexter and reading Dresden Files until I fell asleep in bed.

I can’t wait until tonight when I hope to log in an get a full charge on my batteries.

One thought on “Low Batteries

  1. I love Attack on Stormreach, done some of those quests a few times over. Have to farm a few for the items to make shortswords and the staff :).

    Siegebreaker was super fun too, even though it had a puzzle (that my dog ruined by stepping on things, haha).

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