Tired of Crafting Bugs.

The other day I did a little song and dance to get a meaning full AC on my bowonk. And while not great for the questing I am doing it is worth wild. I think I said a few post back it is about 49 + buffs like shield and pro evil.

One of the things I did to get my AC up was craft a simple outfit. Lifeshield of imp False Life. To free up a ring slot that was equipping a greater False Life ring for a +6 dex ring. Aka +3 Ac for -10 hp.

The minimum level for said item is level 13.

I run over to the stone of change add +1 AC ritual to it and enjoy the night. I log on the next day and I am wearing a funky outfit. Checking my sheet I am standing in the buff. Equip another robe I have handy and remove it and back to the standard undies.

Strange but the point is my outfit got recalculated to be a level 15 item with the +1 stone of change ritual on it. Grr.

So I sprung for some house C marks from the store and lowered my item back to level 13. But come on.

This is not the first time a Cannith crafting bug hit me. I made a force burst of lesser vamp great sword with a med guild slot and added the + to hit gem. Took it up to level 9 where it was a level 5 item. Growl.

Anyway it was on my mind. And I needed a topic to post.

You get hit with any fun times crafting bugs?

One thought on “Tired of Crafting Bugs.

  1. You mean besides the stupidity of them not organizing the “blanks” in the same manner as they are for the AH and vendors/brokers?

    Oh, wait – I’m told that’s not a bug; that it was done “on purpuse” (though no one can explain “why”). Guess “consistency” is a lost art…

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