Christmas and My Wish List

This time of the year my family asks for a wish list from everyoneI don’t think I am hard to shop for, but for some reason they seem to think so. My interests are fairly well known, I think. Um Ddo, Prepping, Dice and um… toys. 🙂

So I thought one I could share my list with you all, and then maybe you all can help me out other ideas and or maybe share some of your own list. I try to give a good range of items price wise, so no one has to break the budget for me. So lets get started.

  • Ddo points, is this a no brainier or what?
  • Amazon gift cards. I read a lot, and now that my phone has a the kindle reader software I go through the books like mad.
  • Netflix I love Netflix. And free months are great months. I use the streaming all the time.
  • Iron Man anything. And now that Marvel has a Droid app Marvel gift cards might be cool.
  • Tea, I am a huge tea drinker. As I think I told you all I have been more or less pop free for almost a year now. I am kinda a tea snob now. Other then some funds from my tea web site I need an adjustable temp electric kettle that can sit on my desk at work.
  • Prep gear. This is my new thing. I can use things from travel med kits to cases of Yoder’s Canned Bacon. Hmmm Bacon. Including stuff like a solar charger for my cell phone, a 400 Watt Power Dome Mini Generator from ThinkGeek to a Berkey water filter from You can never been to ready for tough times.
    And of course items for all my little survival/urban farm projects. Building mats for my chicken coop that I will have next spring, unless I end up moving in the next few weeks.
  • But if some one really wanted to get me something from the very top of the old list, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is high on the list. I wouldn’t turn down an Ipad either. But this has some of the best reviews I have seen including a personal review from Fopo.

Alright there is my list with some clear wants. What did I miss? Add something I should on my list in comments and same as yesterday I will give one poster 500 TP.

❤ and good luck

15 thoughts on “Christmas and My Wish List

  1. after last night, add black cherry spiced rum to list. i have wireless bluetooth headphones for my transformer that are great (Motorola). logitech g13 gameboard for more ddo button goodness.

  2. I am totally willing to whore myself out in your comment area for 500 tp.

    On the tablet, wait for windows 8. It is going to be a game changer.

  3. Hehe. Unlike the poster above, I don’t think you should hold your breath for Windows… sadly. I don’t think their mindset is good for actual touch use tablets.

    I don’t have anything new to add, but to suggest one of those Chinese water boilers. They generally have 3-4 fixed temperatures (but they’re good choices for tea drinkers), they can hold 3-4L and they pour in a cup. Very nice to have anywhere, but especially at work.

  4. I just couldn’t let go of “real” books, no kindle or app could give you the same feeling as reading a tattered old book 🙂

  5. Honestly I also add that those 500TP would be the best gift for a pure F2P player working his way getting the packs. Already got a couple and those points would really make my day.
    Soo what I’m whoring out for 500TP
    I wish I could play with you sometimes but sadly I don’t think you play on Khyber.Anyway it feels akward to do this and I wish you luck, hapiness and great success samius.

    Cheers, Royal

  6. No reason to whore yourself out, geoffhanna. says your the winner. Unless you slept with them in which case you still win.

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