Capped, Now Bowonk

The TR group wrapped up our xp grinding. I had a final streak of 186 ish elites. I don’t remember the number exactly, but with the final 100k xp ready I decided to do a Vod and try my luck, but the loot gods weren’t pleased with me. And I got skunked. A newer guildie however got the gloves. And a new person to the raid, who did not want to follow instructions got the goggles. So there were big winners, just not me. 😦

Anyway wrapped up our hunt for xp. And did a few epics just to get the feel of the builds we had made for leveling at epic. The 12/6/2 barb/fighter/rog I had wasn’t bad. Not great. But with the right gear and a little more work fine tuning the build with its PREs it could be real nice.

Before logging for the night we all got our Trs going. I rolled up my Bowonk build, you can find the original build for a clr I have sitting around unloved HERE. And the update I am using HERE.

I learned that I had already made an error. The Barb past life feat can’t be taken until level 3. Guess none of them can be. So much for a straight swap for Toughness on my builds. But it is great come level 3. Right now at level 5, 4 ranger and a monk level I am rocking 150 ish hp, un-raged. Not bad.

That said I did take my first death last night. We were running STK on elite. And we got to the acid traps. The wife and Tobril ran, jumped luck sacked evaded any real damage.

I on the other hand stopped and waited for Fopo to disarm the traps. He thankfully decided to take some rog levels on his barb for traps. But after a few tries, and walking up all the buffs we had available I tried the stop go method. Hit number 2 and 3 for well over 70 points a pop. Went incap for about 3 seconds but a follow up jet finished me.

Tobril, the helper he is, grabbed my stone and ran me past 2 chests and a collectible point. 😥 In all fairness before running past the fire traps he did ask if I wanted to go back. And I said no to keep the xp/per min up. But I am sure now that there were 2 ion stones in those chests with my name on them.

All in all we are making good time. We all all around 5, some a hair behind that, but most around there. We have got a good epic streak going. And a lot more balanced group then normal for us TRing. 2 bowonks, Fo on his Barb/Rog, and Tobril on a new build. I don’t know if he has named it but I am going to call it the Holy Brawler until he posts it with a proper write up. I will say it is doing very nicely so far. I think if his does everything he saids it can do at cap, and it is half as good in the end game as it is doing now, he might have a winning build on his hands. I will let you know when/if he posts the write up.

One last thing. I have 500 Tp for someone that ranks this post and leaves a comment today. I will roll off from possible winners and send out a TP code tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Capped, Now Bowonk

  1. Enjoying your TR trials and travails, make me realise how much of a pain my TR is going to 😀 OTOH, I look forward to seeing how your Bowonk is going to do in higher end content, if its anything like most people say it will be, sounds like it should be good..

  2. I enjoy reading about the builds and how they are working out. I’m still working my way through different pure (or small splash) builds to learn the basics of each class, so don’t always get the finer points of your builds, but still feel like I learn a few things from them.

  3. Worrying about XP/MINUTE stats is dumb, in MY opinion. I play game for fun, not to rack up stats. Sure it is nice to be successful and to get loot, but my main objective is to enjoy myself.

  4. prdpolack: different people like playing different ways, that does not make it stupid. if you ever decide to go completionist, 12 or more tr lifes will show you why xp per minute is important.

  5. I think the monk archer builds will be pretty decent, even in epics.

    The “Holy Brawler” (that’s kinda catchy) is one several 12/6/2 monk/pal/ftr builds designed for tanking while still performing well in epic 6 person instances.
    (some versions switch the pal and ftr amounts around, see the Emerald 2.0 for a good example)

    @TR haters – We are having fun blazing through quests as fast as we can. Our fun doesn’t have to be your fun.

  6. I’m still very new to toon design, as my largest is only a 12. But,I have started a monk/rogue 3/2 could someone please explain to me when levels/splashes are selected.

    Still learning to swing a sword lol

  7. Well done on the next Cap. I checked out your Bawonk build. Never really thought of throwing in monk for an AA build. Good read. And maybe ill see you around on your new TR.

  8. Always very nice to read your blogs samius thanks for making some regularly! Also I would be interrested in more build post as I am not a pro at it yet even with all my DDO years lol!

    Cheers, Royal

  9. Hey congrats on the TR. I know the order of multiclassing is important, when you start doing trap heavy stuff on elite like this, do you ever consider getting that 2nd level for evasion sooner on rogue/monk splashes?

  10. Enjoy the reads. I appreciate that you take the time to write these posts. Even though your spelling is sometimes horrible! 😉

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