Don’t Ask; if You Don’t Want to Hear the Answer

I am always surprised when someone asked me for advice and then takes my reply as a personal attack. I am a web programmer in RL, for a simi large company and I handle the full life cycle for our different web programs. One of the things I have learned to do well is ask the right questions to really learn what it is that the requester wants. Sometimes this is easy as the request is fairly straight forward. But most of the time I am asked for X, but they really want something that is mostly X but has a lot of Y and some Z. But with out my prodding at the front end during the planing stage I would have another request on my desk in a few weeks to a month asking to add Y and maybe Z and the protect never really completes. Better to make everyone thing it through really carefully and to do the work just once.

This comes up more often then you would think. Some times I get asked to take a look at builds from you guys. And I am always happy to do so. You can email me samius @ and I will take a look.

And from guildies and other friends. Tobril and I have had more “arguments” via email talking about builds then we have had about every other topic together; Including if girl X is hot or not.

So a friend emails me about building an artificer/ half elf arcane archer. This was my reply:


Xbows and Arrows don’t mix.

Rune Arms and bows don’t mix.

Now I meant “Why?” from a place of curiosity. Because if it was to have a dominate range build I could half see it see something. Enough ranger for Manyshot, enough monk for Ten Thousand Stars, and the rest artificer. Some kind of punch for ki, Ten Thousand Stars, Manyshot, Ten Thousand Stars swap to a repeater/arm until Manyshot is back or back to punching for ki to start again or using the one of the artificer’s Manyshot thing.

But with out the “why” of a build I can’t help suggest changes or build options.

When I have an idea for a build I talk to Tobril. He is my sounding board. Often he replies like I do, asking pointed questions to get me to think more about what I am trying to do. Sometimes the best thing he can do is call a build a vale build. Meaning content up to and including the vale will be easy. But when the build is really tested past the vale it most likely will fail.

That is the prompt to prove with numbers that it can stand on its own legs. If not then it goes into the scrap heap. I remember back when I was trying to get the Bowonk out. He and I went back and forth for a long time after he said that it might be a vale build.

Not long ago I was re-sharing an updated bowonk build to include 10kS and he replied “Seriously though, I think this design is kinda neat” I think I may have finally won him over.

Now we are talking about another monk/pally build. Hey….

4 thoughts on “Don’t Ask; if You Don’t Want to Hear the Answer

  1. Sorry Jerry, but the problem with Drow is that they are extremely tasty and as a result monsters tend to go to extra lengths to eat them.

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