Hjealz Me

I wasn’t going to talk about this but I am still a little pissed so why not. Last night the TR group ran a shroud. And I don’t think the changes to part 4 are all that bad. Just takes a little bit OF DOING WHAT THE HELL THE RAID LEADER SAYS!!!

Okay with that aside I want to get to the point of this post. But to be upfront I want to say I know what it is like to not think of yourself and be expected to heal due to your icon.

However, when you join a raid with 16 levels in a divine class and you are asked to heal. Do so or DROP! You can give out warnings that your not much of a healer. And that is fine. I don’t expect you to be flawless. But when I ask can I count on you, and you say something like your my anchor or yes I will keep you up. I expect to be healed. Because if not I can drink pots or scroll myself. You know things that lessen my DPS. No big. But what ever your doing don’t make excuses. Just say sorry and move on.

So last night in this shroud we get to part 4 and we go in round 1, fine. Fairly smooth. Round 2, we go in fight get out (did I say we were down to like 6 people by round 2?) as we were told to move around and avoid the fire balls and such. Some did others did not. Dodging round 2’s fireballs cost me some life and fighting the devils there just were no heals. I drank pots but I couldn’t scroll as I was told they would heal and I raged up. Dead. Wipe. One of the clrs complained he drank 8 pots and used his big trinket. Died with like 300 mana.

Reform and smooth again until part 4, round 2, we were ready to head in as harry just landed. I was at ½ life ask for a heal get it. I am the only one in at the time, and the clr informs me that I am the anchor again. I keep moving, staying away from the blades following me around like a lost dog. But I do have Harry’s complete attention. Fire shield wheres off. About the time he decides to go all meteor swarm/ fireball at me. There was a window I was at around 100 life I back up and drink a silver flame pot and he throws some more fireballs and boom.

I get told that I had 2 heals thrown at me but nothing. Look at my log the only healing I had from the first swing on Harry was my pot. The rest of the melee goes in a little after I die and I am told that one of the clrs is trying to aura heal and shield block. Okay…. And then that clr joins me in part 5. Luckily the group makes it to part 5. Think 4-5 people get to shrine.

Get to part 5 and get started and at about 100 hp I call out for a heals. Like any at all. At 50 hp I leave group and scroll/pot up. Taking the 2 bosses had agro of with me. In part chat one of the clrs inform us that they can’t hear us when we ask for healz. I say, no problem. I will pot/scroll my self you make up my dps while I do so. Someone else asks “If you can’t heal what can you do?“

Found it to be very funny and pissed me off at the same time. Asking Fopo to try scrolling me during the harry fight with his 10 fvs levels I will take his 95% chance vs the divines 100% shitty chance. Looking at the combat log later, I see that Fo and Tobril’s heals (on his bard) where my main healers. I did get some healing from the other guys but not as much as one would thing from mass heals.


I know when on my divines I like to do other things. And calling out for heals is a way to prompt me to hand some out. I am not going to watch others red bars in normal questing. I will throw a mass around me any time I notice that we/I need healed. But if you say something I try hit you asap!

Now in a raid I play a little more healbot. Why? Because I am a horrible healer. So I try extra hard I over heal drink pots left and right burn scrolls whatever it takes to not have a fail on my hands. I don’t want my rep to be shitty healer.

Guess I am not the norm.

4 thoughts on “Hjealz Me

  1. I feel ya bro..sounds like the few Shrouds that I’ve done since the latest patch. I do find it more fun now that its actually challenging..on normal that is.

    • Sometimes 2 people in the same room are better then 2 people across the globe.

      How make raids did Tor and I heal together?

      But some times very not. Sometimes they are less than one person.

  2. People need to know what they’re capable of, not just say “yes” to get in the group.
    If you’re not good with the heals or can’t hear people, do not say you’re okay to heal the melee.

    I’d rather downplay what I can do than let people down. Mind you, there’s a reason I don’t group with my melee FvS, nor am I unlikely to PUG ever with them.

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