Can any one heal me? Anyone? Anyone?

And that was the hireling Cleric.

Last night the TR group sitting pretty at level 6, decided to hit the level 4s on elite. I suggested starting with one of my favorites Prof is in the Poison.

The wife and Fopo pick up cleric hirelings. Tobril and I go with lots of pots and wands claiming the other will heal us, all awhile assuming that the other person will just let us die. 🙂

We make quick time in the first room, with Fo stopping to get the traps. The wife moving in to room two.

I get across the fire bridge and into the room, just in time to see the Tor’s Clr take a battering of magic missiles. Cry about needing healz, and take a lighting bolt to the face. D E E D, Dead! (I ❤ you “The Gamers”)

About half a second later I see in the general tab Fopo’s Clr shouting something about wanting healed and DING! Let two mins of Fopo yelling at his hireling begin. Lolz, That man lives to yell at hirelings. And when they stand in traps and die it is like his verson of a bitching Mona Lisa.

Fairly quickly, we get to the shrine, everyone gets raised and shrined up. And we get to the room with acid floor and things to jump on with the level that lower a door but shoots grates up all over making a little jumping maze. Well Tobril jumps out to get the level. And he must have stepped in to the acid and took a hair of damage getting started when Fopo’s Clr shot in to the room trying to heal Tobril. Lets just say he didn’t make it. 🙂

Once Fo’s hireling started to go down Tor’s hire shot into the room, I think as a show of hireling loyalty, and died. Lets just say they got dismissed about then. 🙂

Later in a elite Irestone Inlet Fo, basically alone, went to handle the end fight as the rest of us ran to Yaaryar’s spawn point. On the way Fo started where are the heals at his hireling but a second or two later Fo and his Clr Dinged out.

I don’t know. We use the hirelings a lot. I normally let mine camp out away from the fight and go to it or call it when I need healed. I am looking forward to the day casting hires try to stay out of the melee. And/Or the day when casting hires get quicken.

“Can any one heal me? Anyone? Anyone? Where is the Healer any way? Oh shit it is me… Ding!” – Every hiring divine caster ever.

5 thoughts on “Can any one heal me? Anyone? Anyone?

  1. With each update and hotfix hirelings get progressively worse. They now seem to take a MULTITUDE of union breaks after EVERY fight. I’ll finish off a battle and suddenly realize I am running by myself, and that my hire is several rooms back, just standing there. This goes for Artificer pets as well. I have to stop, turn around, and get within range or call them for them to move again, and it’s not a set time that they are mini-afk. I’ve had a pet move 10 seconds before the hire and vice versa, and the time it takes them to move again without being summoned is anywhere from 10 seconds to a full minute.

  2. I see that the biggest complaint about hirelings, is that they are not miracle workers….that they wont ‘save the day,’ and that the hireling is very stupid/retarded/waste of space. I am sorry, I have little to no troubles when I use hirelings, maybe that is because I don’t expect the miracles that everyone else seems to expect. Hirelings are there to HELP, not do the quest for you. In addition, hirelings are only as good as the player controlling them. Think about that.

  3. Wow. After over two years and a multitude of quests behind Sami and I(not together)I sure did not expect us be called a lousy players. Must not have been me soloing Epics since I stink, must have been someone else. I do not expect cleric hirelings to “save the day.” I expect them to stand where they are told and to cast healing spells on me. I do not expect them to run into the fray and get hammered by mobs and have them yelling at me to heal THEM. As a wizard, that’s not my job. That is how I define a cleric hireling as HELPING me. If your cleric hirelings have not done this, congratulations, you are the 1%.

  4. Oh hirelings, such a pain.
    Sorcerer decided that Magic Missiles at the swarm of 10 spiders was better than my idea of Firewall. He kept casting that stuff and putting all his spells on cooldown, the little bastard!

    Also the cleric dying, hahaha, that is hilarious. Or the cleric refusing to heal me or do anything despite being right next to me!

    They overheal when they heal, and they don’t heal when they should. Clerics think they’re melee and arcanes forget all but magic missiles!

  5. I particularly like when you have 2 cleric hirelings in one group and how they stand there healing each other in the middle of a fight they were TOLD TO STAY AWAY FROM!!


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