Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong to want to quit my job and start an apuaponic/fish/urban farm? Maybe sprinkle in some bloging with a little podcasting/video making in the mix? My brother seems to think that I could do Live stream gameing for a little cash. I guess people can sub to my stream for a few bucks and then I get half of that sub.

It doesn’t sound bad to me. I think I could be on the way. Minus the quit the job part, anyway.

I got word that our Strawberries plants have shipped. So any day now I might be adding them to the grow beds. The peppers are looking good, the Tomatoes are growing really well. But I think the most surprising plants to me are the cucumbers. In a little more then a week they sprouted and are about an inch tall. I understand they are fast growers; but damn!

I started some watermelon seeds at the same time and they are hardly out of the shell. Not even green yet. Speaking of watermelons, should (if they fruit) I put them in a mold to trick them into growing almost cube shaped? I watched a video on how to do it and I have some ideas to make it easier. In the video, they made a lot of good points about square/cube fitting easier in to our lives as a consumer. It is something to think about.

I also think I need to reorder the shrooms. I think they process is great. But I was checking the time tables thinking I should see something by now. And looked at the bag of animal mix I used as the base. And I noticed that they add Bakeing Soda to the mix to help with animal smell. I am not for sure but I think that bakeing soda is a fungicide. Meaning I might have killed them before they even had a chance. Opps.

Think when I try again, I will just use the old news papers laying around as the base and not use something like the animal bedding. Just to have a better idea of what the hell.

Also if you are thinking about growing your own shroms is selling an “At Home Mushroom Growing Kit” to grow Pearl Oyster Mushrooms for 20$. I plan to order one or two come payday. Once you add in the spore and the grow medium and the container your at about 20$ anyway. So it is a fair price.

Well that is the not ddo related post for the week. As always questions and comments below.

6 thoughts on “Is it Wrong?

  1. I’ll tell you this..if I seen even roughly squared watermelons I would buy them EVERY time over a typical oval shaped one. Just saying

  2. My Pops in law has a greenhouse that he grows his own veggies in every year. He spends like 300$ each year on seeds. The broccoli didnt grow at all which made me and my sister sad cause we like broccoli with cheese. Then I made one of my brother in laws jaw drop cause I ate a whole habenaro(not sure about the spelling sorry!) without complaint or making faces. His brother couldnt do that without running to the sink for some water =]

  3. Baking soda is indeed a fungicide. Its actually pretty amazing how many functions that stuff has.

    I have been growing my first tomato plant having been encouraged by the lack of death seen in a pot of sweet basil. Unfortunately I acquired the seedling at the wrong time, and now it is trapped in my house with the onset of cold weather. I’m sure my wife is quite pleased with a tomato plant sitting on the dinning room table, what with the holidays coming up.

    • Luckily grow lights are cheep. Hit your lowes/homedepo and find grow or full spectrum bulbs. But your tomato plant in a warm place, like near the furnace and boom, out of the way. 🙂

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